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April 11, 2008



Have a great time! I can't wait to hear about your trip.


Hey, have a good trip!

You'll love Xian. It's the most amazing thing I've seen. But also there was a stressful thing: during the tour in the big hall with terracotta soldiers (with mum, dad, grandma and 3 boys), we lost our youngest son (he had just turned 4 at the time)! All the adults thought that he was with one of the other adults, but in the end none of us had him with them. Fortunately there was no way he could have gone out of the (huge) room, but since it was packed with tourists it took us a lot of time before we had found him (we backtracked in the opposite direction).

In the end we found him, surrounded by nice Chinese people, sitting quietly (not crying), but looking so sad that my heart still breaks...! You know, he was always a major attraction to everyone (small cute blonde kid), and always people tried to be nice to him and get him to be on photographs with them etcetera... and in one of the occasions he had probably gone with a Chinese family instead of further with us.

Afterwards I asked him how he was and what he thought, and he said: "I couldn't see you, but I was sure you would come back for me, but it was a very long time", and my heart broke again....!

Well, so far Xian (it's still the first thing that comes back into my mind, remembering that).

Oh, and another thing... I just remembered that 12 of the most famous Xian statues are... right here in the Netherlands! So if you want to see *them*, you'll have to pop by and visit us here. I don't object!

Have a wonderful holiday,


Oh, I hope you trip is beautiful, fun, and very special!

Can't wait to see pics!!!

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