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November 21, 2007



Oh my gosh--just in time for those holiday portraits! Looks kind of like the haircut Evro gave Emilia when I was in the hospital last month:) The beauty shop did a great job. She's still a cutie pie.
Happy Thanksgiving!


LOL!! That is so funny (i'm sure it wasn't at the time though). Kalie did that when she was small too and cut all the hair off all her dolls! I hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving! Love ya, Jana


Oh my I remember those days! She sure looks cute though!


She still looks absolutely adorable! Rachel did the same thing last fall... and cut from that same spot, too.


She looks so cute Donna. I remember doing the same to my little sister. I thought I was the hairdresser. I got punished big time. The cut suits Maddy very well.


There is always a first time. I did this to my mom also but I was 4 years old and it was only my bangs. I really wanted bangs!
She is so pretty that any haircut looks great on her.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


My brother cut my hair when I was about Maddy's age. It's one of my very first memories. :-) I don't remember either of us getting into a lot of trouble for it. Although, my brother was 7 and should have known better.

Maddy looks very cute and the upside is that sometimes when thin hair gets cut very short when you are young, it sometimes grows back thicker. Gives all the newer hair a chance to catch up.

Scott Ocheltree

Kai only managed one clump out of his bangs when he did this almost two years ago.

Sounds like Mommy handled Maddy's cut pretty well. Looks like the beauty shop did a great job.


someday you'll laugh about it, right? right?


Oh my ...LOL. You just have to laugh Donna. And look at it as a right of passage. heh heh

Both of mine did their own hair re-styling too. But Charlotte didn't stop at the hair. She also shredded her clothes. Hah!


Oh my goodness! Miss Maddy!!! (I'm so sorry for giggling- but she is too cute)!

I just love the way you scrap events like this! Such fun memories (even though they may not have been so much fun at the time)!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shana :)


Oh my goodness, I'm not so sure I could have taken a picture of that. Sounds like you handled it very well. thankfully, they were able to "save" the look for awhile as the hair grows back in.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving other than the hair incident.


At least it was not the bangs...It looks pretty cute...Ellie cut her bangs, she did a pretty good job.

Jeff's Place

My first thought was OMG Look at ALL of that hair!

Then I looked at the picture! So cute!
Not a bad recovery!!


Kat and Colin

Oh my gosh! I'm sure that was a fun discovery! You poor thing! I am just trying to imagine if Sophia had an inch less hair than she already has. She still has yet to grow anything much past her ears and it is all baby fine! I'm sorry I have been so behind in blogging land. I am checking in, just not commenting much.

Miss ya,

Kat, Colin, Sophia and Keenan

Kat and Colin

My brother once cut all the whiskers off our family cat. He was an adult. He thought he may be homicidal in waiting. He wasn't/isn't.

This is par for the course with kids though.
I lock up the scissors (and tape and glue and sparkles....ah but you reach the meds no problem!)

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