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November 23, 2007



Bummer. Next time let me know, we have season passes that allow 2 of you to get in for free and we can get more from neighbors...plus, we could visit.


Love those jellyfish too! We didn't go near any malls either:)


Wow Donna I love aquariums and that looks like a killer one. Just beautiful. The photos are lovely, it looks like you all had a great time.

I braved the malls and was one of the shoppers that people avoid the mall for, during the holidays. :)


Those are great photos!!! Looks like a great way to spend the day!


We were able to go with some free passes from our friends and yes, the food is expensive there. Emma had a blast and just couldn't stop talking about it.
The great white is a regular size shark (small if you ask me) nothing like the movies. I thought it was going to be BIG but I was like "is that even a shark?" so nothing special.
This is my third year that I do not go anywhere on "black Friday" no matter what a big sale a see. I hope I don't break this tradition!!


great photos. YIKES on the cost though. We just visited our local aquarium (1.5 hours away) the week of thanksgiving too and thankfully, my bloggy friend Maryellen had passes. whew!


Love the aquarium. Haven't been there in a long time - it's just not really close to here. My girls go from "love it" to "I'm afraid of every animal" and back. So you never know if visiting an aquarium will be loads of fun or a disaster...


Sounds like you all had a great time. Minus the expense of course! The photos are breathtaking! What kind of camera do you use Donna? We are looking for a new one!

You Turkey day menu looks just like ours! Glad Michael was there for the celebration!

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