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April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

This year, we spent Easter with my brother, Kevin, at his home near Los Angeles.  The girls were worried about the Easter Bunny knowing where to deliver their baskets and since I forgot to bring the baskets (doh!), I had to tell them the truth about Ol’ Mr. EB.  Luckily, the disappointment was mitigated by Aunt Cindy who hid eggs all over her backyard!

blog IMG_6632 kevins house Maddy loves the thrill of the hunt and quickly scored big bowl of candy-filled eggs.

blog IMG_6624 kevins house   blog IMG_6630 kevins house

With the help afforded her after donning her pink super-hero cape, Gwen did pretty well for herself too!

blog IMG_6619 kevins house

blog IMG_6627 kevins houseblog IMG_6638 kevins house

blog IMG_6670 kevins house

Three dogs and one slimy green tennis ball sure can be fun!

blog IMG_6769 kevin cindy donna

Kevin, Cindy and Moi

IMG_6748 kaelee and sophie

My neice, Kaelee, with her sweet pup, Sophie.

kay donna lady framed 10 by 10

This is Kay.  I’ve called her Mom since she and my dad married (when I was somewhere around Gwen and Maddy’s age).   She and Dad divorced when I was in my early 30’s and our relationship took a detour sometime around that time too.  This weekend was the first time I’ve seen her in more than 15 years but I really hope it’s not the last.  Oh, and the pretty dog is Lady.   She barked her head off but her wildly wagging tail betrayed her intentions.   She’s as harmless as she is photogenic!

Tonight, we’ll take Daddy to the airport so he can go back to work tomorrow and Gwen and Maddy and I will head down closer to Disneyland for the rest of our Spring Break.

July 18, 2010

San Diego Zoo

We spent our second (and last) day in San Diego at the zoo.  We like zoos and this one is one of the best ever.  Seriously, this place is awesome! 

San diego zoo-kids on mammoth

We saw all of the animals.  The polar bears were Daddy's favorite and my favorite is always the elephants.  I think Gwen loved this snake best.   The zoo attempts to provide plants that are indigenous to the areas where each animal is originally from so it's very visually interesting and there were flowers and trees that I've never seen before.  It was shady and comfortable with something exciting around every corner.  We even got to pose with a mommy and baby elephant (above). 

San diego zoo-1491  San diego zoo-1439 

Near one of the monkey exibits, there were masks you could put your face behind and pose for a pic.  Of course, the girls really wanted to do this and we were discussing how we'd get them into position when Maddy scurried over and scaled this pole!  Then Gwen assumed her pose! 

Our kids are such camera hams!

San diego zoo-1475

This was a really fun weekend! 

On our way back to the airport, we dropped off the rental car and threw our travel car seat in the trash!  Since Maddy is going to be six years old in 12 days, we won't need our cheapo travel seats anymore so it was a big relief not to have to carry it home. 

Here's Gwen pulling our suitcases through the San Jose airport.   She looks so grown up!  

San diego zoo-1501

Only one more flight this week and that one is for ME (alone)!  Yep, my very first trip away from the girls -- ever. 


I'll be flying to Philadelphia on Friday to meet up with 15 other moms (Casey, Dita, Denise, Felicia, Julie, Karin, Kim, Laureen, Leslie, Maddy, Marla, Stephanie, Terri and Wanda) at Lisa's photography workshop.  I'm so excited about this!    It's my first "Mom's Weekend Away" and I get to spend it with some of the funnest (and funniest!) ladies in Bloggerville.  And in such a beautiful place too!  And if that's not enough, I also get to learn what all of the buttons on my camera do! 


July 17, 2010


Since it had been an entire week since we lived out of a suitcase, we flew to San Diego for the weekend.   Compared to international travel, this quick trip was a piece of cake. 

The purpose of the trip was to celebrate the birthdays of two special Dads:   Andrew's Dad (aka Granddad) and Kate's dad (aka Papa Ron).   Kate is our sister in law (married to Andrew's brother, Chris).   The Dads really dig sailing so Kate and Chris organized this special day for them and invited us to share the fun too.  So, 7 adults and 3 children boarded a 36 foot sailboat and spent 8 hours on the water under the beautiful San Diego sun!

Sailing san diego-9849

I grew up in San Diego and we had a sailboat when I was in high school but that was a LONG time ago so this was the first time I'd been on one in many years.  It brought back memories.  I wish my dad could have been part of this day (I was thinking of you, Dad!).

Gwen was fearless and wasted no time getting to know every inch of the boat.   

Sailing san diego-9757

She borrowed Granddad's binoculars and searched for sea lions (we saw many!).  We even saw a few dolphins.

Sailing san diegoimg_9717

Maddy searched for strange or unusual creatures too (and found me!).

Sailing san diegoimg_9738

This is Gwen and Maddy's Aunt Kate and cousin Paige.  Paige is two years old and pretty darn cute!

Kate and paige_9515

Here she is looking particularly adorable:

Sailing san diegoimg_9593

We weren't sure if the kids would do well on a long boat ride but they had a wonderful time!  If someone would have told me that a 2, 5 and 6 year old would be able to happily spend 8 hours on a 36 foot sailboat, I would have doubted it but I think they could have gone even longer!  

Here's Andrew:

Sailing san diego-9845

And here's Maddy and me:

Sailing san diegoimg_9575

If you've still not seen enough, here's a slideshow of all of our best photos from the day:

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