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July 06, 2009

We're Home, Wide Awake and Squeaky Clean

Yesterday, we flew from Edinburgh Scotland to London England to San Francisco and came home to a very grateful cat and a nice soft bed.  At 3:00 AM (today), we were all wide awake and decided to start our day nice and early. 

I ran a bath for the girls and plunked them in it while I unpacked suitcases.  I heard them playing and splashing and laughing so I knew they were safe even though I wasn't directly supervising.  Then I heard Maddy say "Um... Mom?  I think we need your help..." so I ran into the bathroom and saw this:

bubble mess bathtime

The scene made me gasp. They emptied THREE bottles of bubble bath into the Jacuzzi Tub and turned on the jets!  Then they stirred all of their bath toys into the foamy mess.  I was not looking forward to cleaning this up since there was still so much unpacking and laundry to do after our trip so I tried to scold them but I couldn't keep a straight face (damn it!).  I told them to stay put while I choked back laughter and ran to fetch Daddy and the camera.

We put each girl into the shower and rinsed them off but the soapy foam just wouldn't go down the drain.  It's still 8 inches deep in the bathtub and no amount of water I dump on it seems to reduce it.  Anyone know a good home remedy for dissolving foam?  Salt, maybe?

Many thanks for all of the nice comments during our vacation.  Sorry I didn't reply to everyone but our internet connections were pathetically slow everywhere we went and I was barely able to do the little bit of computer stuff I did.  Now I'm excited to get the kids into school a few hours per day so I can have time to visit blogs and catch up on what my friends in bloggerville have been up to!

July 04, 2009

Guess where we are?


edinburgh scotland 029

Hee hee... Any guess where we might be today?

Yesterday, we left Manchester and Yorkshire.  Andrew was born in Manchester and his mom is from Yorkshire so we visited some of the places they used to live - including very two very special neighbors of Andrew's childhood home (they feel like family).

There are many other photos in our flickr sets but here are a few of my favorites from the last three days.

Grassington 253 A pretty spot in Grassington.

Another pretty spot in Grassington


Typical Yorkshire countryside. I can't help but think about "All Creatures Great and Small" when I see this.

Pat and Dylis's yard in Altrincham Andrew and the girls playing the garden of his childhood neighbor (and long time family friends), Pat and Dilys. His old back yard can be seen in the photo above just to the left of the hedge and trees the run up the center of the two yards

We fly home tomorrow morning.

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