August 16, 2010


When we got married, we picked up a spiffy new 2 megapixel Canon digital camera on our honeymoon and couldn't have been happier with the convenience of not having to develop film and the quality of our photographs was pretty good too.  But technology eventually caught up with us so when we headed to China in 2005 (to adopt Gwen), we splurged on a new Canon Rebel XT so we could "properly" document the newest chapter of our life.  It was a great camera but, a few short years later, we upgraded again to our Canon 5D:


I'm just now noticing that the image I swiped from the internet is of a Mark II camera.  Ours isn't a Mark II but it's really awesome anyway!  It feels a bit too advanced for me but it takes fantastic photos when you get all of the settings right.  It's fast and that's just what you need if you want to capture anything but the back of my children as they go running past!  But it's still a bit big and bulky so that's why we're also thrilled to have our Canon S90:

  canon powershot s90

This camera is the best point-and-shoot I've ever owned!  It's fantastic in low light situations (like indoors) and it also shoots in video mode.  It's small and portable and really the perfect purse or pocket camera.  I've taken some amazing photos with this little camera and it totally holds its own with cameras four times the size and price. Here's a short sideshow of a dozen or so of my fav photos from this camera.

Recently we purchased a new lens for the 5D. 


This is a 35mm 1.4 fixed lens (no zoom) and it's my favorite ever!  It's better than any of our other lenses for indoor photos and unlike all of our other fixed lenses, you don't have to stand in another time zone to take a photograph.  It's almost completely fool proof and that's handy when I'm the one clicking the shutter!  ;)

It's also quite durable as we recently learned when we were vacationing and DROPPED it from a height of about four feet right onto the cobblestone road!  It's slightly dinged up but still taking the most incredibly crisp photos!  Like this one:

Maddy Santorini-8515
I love to take photos and enjoy participating in various photography contests around the Blogosphere.  Here are some of my favorite photos that I've submitted on those sites:


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I hear from all the gals on clickinmoms's that is a great lens... Maybe the next one on my list, although I would love a fisheye too!!! Lovin your pics Donna!!! Hugs!!

Those photo's are REALLY great!!. My name is Shameme Adams and i am a half Asian girl from England. I'm visiting your country tomorrow!!!, for the first time ever (can't wait)!!. Would love to see California one day, i'de love to be friends, my email is [email protected]

Bye for now!

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