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April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What's in your basket?

The Easter Bunny always makes our baskets identical so why are my girls more interested in the contents of their sister's basket than their own?

20070408 easter 2 014  

This photo is my favorite Easter photo of all time.   All the pics from today are still in the camera so I'll try to get those posted tomorrow.  Until then, I hope you don't mind the repeat posting of this super dooper cute picture.

April 05, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

Ilovefaces friends forever-000001

We bought these dresses when we were in China in 2006 (Maddy's adoption).  The girls were just barely two years old and these dresses seemed so huge at the time!  As the years passed, the dresses seemed to get smaller and smaller until last weekend when they finally seemed to be exactly the perfect size! 

Gwen and Maddy love to dress up and don't seem to mind dressing alike.  We don't do it very often since it usually means that people will constantly ask if they're twins (no) and then they ask how different in age they are (36 days) and then they get this weird look as they try to figure out how such a thing is possible.  In the end, we have to explain that they're adopted and even though we're really happy to talk about adoption with strangers, it does get pretty old when we have to do it several times per day.  So, that's why we don't usually dress them alike.  :)

You can see more pretty photos from this backyard photo shoot in the flickr slide show below.  I think my favorite is the one where Gwen tossed the apple. 

March 29, 2009

I ♥ faces - Pouting

Pretty little pouter blog 

Normally, I delete all the sad faces in every photo shoot but this one tugged at my heart even though I thought I'd long since grown immune to this particular form of psychological warfare. 

Notice her left eyelid?   It's the droopy one that sags mournfully upon hearing the news that we're late for school and might not have time to stop for donuts.    C'mon -- we all love donuts so who wouldn't sympathize with that!?   My favorite donut is the glazed twist and Maddy loves the glazed-raised donut holes.  Gwen  adores the chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.   Really, you have to know that heaven must have streets lined in those!

The other theme this week on I faces is "pets".  I guess they didn't think pouting would be an appropriate theme for adults.  Ha!  obviously, they've not met me!

Anyway, here's our sweet kitty:  "Kitty". 

I love kitty blog

Originally, her name was "Baby" but that got pretty confusing when we actually had babies around the house.   I'd ask if Baby had water and Daddy would fetch a bottle of water for Gwen while the cat sat there and drooled (or might have, if she wasn't quite so parched).  Obviously, we had to change her name before Gwen got a litter change instead of a diaper change and the cat got a dinner of strained peas!

This photo was taken in our backyard on a beautiful day filled with sunshine and delicious sparrows! 

March 22, 2009

I ♥ faces - No Flash

Maddy wearing daddy hat-blog  

It's big and bulky but we our take our Canon 5D camera with us when we go on walks just in case the perfect photo op presents itself.  On this particular day, the sun was setting and our sweet Madeline was full of giggles as she successfully managed - for the gazillionth time - to heist Daddy's hat.  Gwen loves this game too and both kids will play it to the verge of exhaustion or until somebody's laughter gets so hysterical than they come down with a major case of the hiccups.  I think a big part of the appeal of this game is that Daddy feigns shock and amazement that his hat got swiped.  Personally, I would get sorta tired of this game but Daddy has much more patience than I do.   Just one of the many reasons we love him so much!  This is one of our favorite photos!  I present Madeline:  Thief of Hats and Hearts! 

March 16, 2009

I ♥ faces - green

I love faces green gwen-blog

I love bargain shopping and often practice it like it's an olympic sport.  Almost nothing beats the feeling of finding something amazing at an even more amazing price so imagine my glee when I found the beautiful blouse Gwen is wearing in the photo above.    I got it at Marshalls -- and it was under $10!

It's not a child's shirt (it's for me!) but as soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to have the girls wear it for this photo shoot.  To keep it from falling off, I used an elastic hair band to gather up all the excess material at the neckline in the back.  Voilla!  The shirt was instantly transformed into a dress!

This is the third time I've used a photo of Gwenny in an I faces challenge.  I really do work hard to give my girls equal face time here on the blog so it worries me a little bit that most of the recent pictures have been of Gwen.   The photo, above, is just too cute to not use this week though!  I love the way her nose wrinkles up when she laughs!   

I'm not supposed to post more than one photo but, since I don't expect to ever win one of these contests, I'm disqualifying myself and posting a 2nd photo so both of my girls can have equal blog time.  Here's photo number two:  A stunning pic of my beautiful little Madeline!

I love faces green maddy-blog

Shana probably recognizes this pose.  Yep, I'm still trying to duplicate the beautiful photo she took of her neice.  I think this one actually comes close but I'll admit that I'm probably a bit biased.  :)

I took a bunch of photos during this photo shoot and many of them came out great!  Sometimes, we just get lucky that way!  Here's a dozen of the best ones:  Pretty Green Shirt


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