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April 15, 2009

Favorite Easter Pics (and fasion challenge)

We took about 400 photos but few made the cut.  Here are a couple of my favorite.  I love this one the best, I think.

Fav easter test nikon 033 

Most of the photos on this post were taken with my Father-in-Law's Nikon D40.  Our Canon 5D just didn't give us many photos that we liked.    Maybe it was the hard light (high noon on a sunny day) but most of our pictures were too dark.   The Nikon handled this better, I think.

Easter test baskets 057 

I took this one with our Canon 5D in the auto mode with flash.  I think it came out pretty good.  Gwen is wearing a serious expression accessorized by my sunglasses and a bit of lipgloss.

Easter sunglasses 

Here's cute Maddy with Thumper.  She has such a beautiful smile!

Easter test 222 

While we were making Easter dinner, Maddy sneaked into her room and changed her clothes.   We cracked up when we saw what she was wearing (that's a Christmas dress).   And what's the rule about wearing white shoes after Labor Day?  Anyway, when I saw her in this outfit, I knew I had this week's Fashion Challenge picture. 

Maddy dressup blog

Check out M3's blog for more funky and fun pics of our kids dressing themselves.

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What's in your basket?

The Easter Bunny always makes our baskets identical so why are my girls more interested in the contents of their sister's basket than their own?

20070408 easter 2 014  

This photo is my favorite Easter photo of all time.   All the pics from today are still in the camera so I'll try to get those posted tomorrow.  Until then, I hope you don't mind the repeat posting of this super dooper cute picture.

October 31, 2008

Halloween To-Do List

(Can't read text?  Click image for larger view)

October 26, 2008

Halloween Preview


While shopping Babies-R-Us last August for a present for our new niece, I was surprised to see a ridiculously early display of Halloween Costumes.  The cutest - by far - was the monkey one but there were only two and what were the odds that they'd be 36 and 48 month size?  Not holding out much hope, I checked and they were perfect!  So it was decided right then and there that our girls were destined to be monkeys for Halloween this year.    Even more perfect because both were born in the year of the monkey (2004)! 

We've played in the costumes around the house a few times and this weekend we found some trees that seemed just perfect for climbing so we grabbed the costumes and the camera and got down to some serious monkey business!  Gwen was making monkey noises, Maddy was swinging from the branches, Gwen was climbing as high as she could and both were working up a good appetite for a hearty banana snack on the way home.   They had so much fun, they didn't even notice there was no trick-or-treating involved! 

Afterward, they collapsed into bed and slept for a solid two hour nap!   I don't think we've ever found an activity that wore them out as much!

This was my favorite picture but it sure didn't look this good straight out of the camera!  We had some major back-lighting issues but, thanks to my awesome photo editing program, I was able to salvage the photo.  Wanna see the original? 


July 04, 2008

July 4th, 2008

      (Can't read the text?  Click the image for a larger view.)

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