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August 23, 2006



This little beauty is our Madeline Abigail!  She's a darling and she's tiny but don't let that fool you!  She's got an opinion as big as the state of Texas!

She didn't cry when she was handed to Daddy (Gwen was attached to Mommy like Rhesus monkey baby during the whole thing!).  After a few minutes, she spotted some toys and wanted to get down on the floor and play with them.  She LOVES to play! 

Gwen thought all of the toys should be hers so she ran around shouting "Mine!" and trying to take things away from Maddy but Maddy didn't accept that for an instant!  She's SCREAMED at Gwen and Gwen looked at us in disbelief and backed right down!

Maddy is several inches shorter than Gwen and several pounds lighter.  Gwen wears size 2 and Maddy is probably closer to wearing 12 months!  She's TOTALLY potty trained and will grab her crotch when she needs to be taken to the potty chair.  She's also a little jabber box!   Our guide told us that she was counting to six at one point and when Gwen handed her a stuffed bear, she wouldn't accept it and said "not mine" in Cantonese. 

The similarities between these two girls are so amazing.  They have a sweet/stubborn disposition.  They're both really happy kids and smile all the time.  They both were named "Xiao" and they both have double swirls in their hair at the back of their head.  It was really unusual that Gwen had this (two swirls twisting opposite directions right at the crown of her head) so imagine our shock to see it on Maddy's head too!   

Enough talk.  Here are some more pictures.  She's not smiling in these but she's been all smiles since we've been back in the hotel room.

20060823_gotcha_101 20060823_gotcha_152


September 05, 2005

Monday: Gotcha Day!

Click below to view our Gotcha Day Video!

First_sight Today was GOTCHA day. We're exhausted so we'll post some pictures now and then try to get some sleep (baby is sleeping now) and flesh out the details for you tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures!

The first picture is the very moment we saw Gwen. She's being carried to us -- about 10 feet away. I tried not to cry but it was no use. She was pretty scared and cried immediately after being handed to us.

Gotcha The Director of the Shenzhen Social Welfare Institute is standing with us.
Sleepyhead After a bottle, Gwen fell into a deep sleep and slept all the way through the bus trip back to the hotel. When she woke up, she was very cheerful and didn't cry again until bedtime. She's so incredibly precious. Our heart sang when she finally smiled at us. She's smiled a million times since then. We are so happy to have our baby girl!
Daddy_and_gwen Gwen loves her Daddy! Her first smile was for him. Aren't they beautiful! I'm so happy --- and sooooo tired!

Until tomorrow....

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