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August 12, 2009

Goats and Tortoises and Red Crested Screamers, OH MY!

Our favorite little amusement park has a super cool petting zoo now.  It's just a temporary thing but it's quickly become one of our favorite spots.  The kids never get tired of touching and feeding the sweet baby animals.

Isn't Maddy cute?  She's such a big girl now that she's five.  She wears sun glasses and carries a purse and listens to her ipod (just like mommy!).  She's such a little darlin'! 

Gilroy Gardens petting zoo blog
Gilroy Gardens is so beautiful.  The Circus Trees, of course are just amazing but everything is manicured and lush and colorful.  Here's a little collage of some of the roses. 

Gilroy Gardens flowers Aug 2009 blog  

I hope the park can survive.  It's never busy and I worry each year that this one might be the last.  What a shame that would be because it's really a hidden gem.   Maybe I'll go grab the kids from preschool a little bit early and we'll head down there now!  :)

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