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August 31, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Reunion

20100828IMG_1371pismo beach pw bw and mink
When I took this photo of Maddy, the colors were so delicious that I almost didn't notice how fun and interesting the patterns were.  This is exactly the type of photo I love best in black and white!  Just look at those circles and stripes and that milky white complexion and jet black hair! 

I used Pioneer Woman's free B&W action but it was a bit too cold so I tried Shana's Florabella/Luxe Mink action but it was too brown (warm) for this photo -- so I blended both of them together to get this perfect result.  I love it.

But you have to see the color version too.  I processed this with the Luxe action, Musette.

20100828IMG_1371pismo beach maddy orange sofa musette
I took this photo in the lobby of our hotel in Pismo Beach this weekend.  We were there for our 5th reunion of our China adoption travel group.  In early September of 2005, 38 families from our agency flew to China to bring home their babies.  39 Children in all:

35 girls (including twins)
4 boys

We came from all over the USA and many different walks of life but we had this one thing in common and we've come together each year since then to celebrate it:  Our adopted child(ren).

This is the first year that the kids have been old enough to remember that they know one another.  They played together for hours which finally gave their parents some time to relax and chat.  These reunions are certain to only get better and better every year! Here's a pic of a bunch of the kids right after the Pinata burst.

Pismo beach-1429 raining candy
Several of the families visited Avila Farm and took the hay ride into the orchards to pick gala apples.  This is our third year doing this and the kids love it! 

20100828IMG_1184pismo beach apples Maddy gets some help from Daddy to reach the apples at the top of the trees.

20100828IMG_1180pismo beach maddy daddy copy

The weather was crisp and cool.  It seems like Fall is in the air.   I even found a pretty leaf on the ground at Avila Farm.   

20100828IMG_1163pismo beach leaf
I picked a special new outfit for the girls to wear this weekend.  Gwen was really excited about dressing up - surprising since she's never cared about that sort of thing before.   It's possible that she's going to be a girly-girl after all!  :)

20100828IMG_1125pismo beach ambrosia 


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August 09, 2009

Four Sweeties!

Chloe and pearl reunion blog

Pete and Lori and their daughters, Chloe and Pearl, came to visit two years ago but all the kids were bashful and not so interested in playing together or in posing for pics.  But they sure were cute anyway, huh!  (click image for a larger view) 

Well the cuteness hasn't changed but their attitude sure has!  Now, they're all about having fun now and they had loads of it - even during this photo shoot for the mamarazzi and paparazzi!  Afterwards, they splashed in the pool for two hours then took the fun indoors (did I mention that it was HOT outside?  Whooooboy.... it was a scorcher!)  The daddies supervised the action in the playroom while the mommies disappeared into the office to play with the photo editing software.  Great photos and fun with friends and we were sorry there wasn't more time.    I'm drooling over Light Room and I really really want it for my birthday next month!  

July 15, 2009

Friends helping friends

Tell Her This - Bringing Ellis Home

Click the image above to visit Kris's blog and see more photos of adorable little Ellis Gao Mei!  They're having a fund raiser and the prizes are pretty cool and the money they raise is going to help them bring this sweet baby girl home!    I'm so excited for them! 

As you know, we recently transitioned our girls to big beds so we're left with two beautiful cribs/toddler beds.  For sentimental reasons, I just have to keep one but in exchange for any size donation to Ellis's fund, I'm willing to give away the other to a family reading this blog who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Heck, we'll even deliver!   The crib is from the Isabella collection by Babi Italia and you can see it on their site here:  http://www.babiitalia.com/html/lifestyle.html

Ours is white.  It's used, folks, but it's been lovingly used and it was new when we bought it for $500+ back in 2006.  The toddler bed rail is included (with some little teeth marks - courtesy of Madeline).  This is a really pretty crib and it's very well made and has plenty of life left in it.  Simmon's Kids mattress is also included.  If you want the crib, email me or leave a comment.  

October 22, 2008

Do you have your 2009 calendar yet?

This is Gwen modeling our new 2009 calendar.  She's not an YiYang girl but her friend Suzanne is. 

Here's what YiYang Daddy, Jeff, had to say about this calendar:

"It is that time of year again where YOU & your ENTIRE family NEED new calendars for next year. You know you do! So instead of purchasing the “Puppy” calendar or the sexy Firefighters for your mother-in-law, go buy a calendar that helps kids in need!

All of the proceeds from this calendar go directly to help kiddos that are in the two orphanages in YiYang Hunan China. Suzanne is from the Childrens Welfare Institute in YiYang. If you buy a calendar this month, September, then it will go to help two things. A Daddy’s Challange for Half the Sky and to the YiYang Fund just mark your donation for both!"

You can read all about it on Jeff's blog here:  http://blog.jeffstitt.com/?p=86.  If you want to buy a calendar, contact him at the email under the picture above (or on his blog).   

September 28, 2008



We had SO much fun in Sacramento this weekend and we're grateful to David and Susan for extending the invitation to us to join their travel group's reunion picnic.  The China adoption community is a wonderfully warm place and the people we met (or met again) this weekend are some of the nicest we've had the pleasure to know!  And could the kids be any more adorable?    Seriously, the park, the weather, the food, the friendly conversation -- it couldn't possibly have been better.

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