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April 28, 2011

Gilroy Gardens

Gosh, how we LOVE this place! 

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_7001

We just found out that GG was open this week (last few days of Spring Break) so we high tailed it down here and enjoyed a beautiful day of fun in the sun!

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6853

Can you believe how pretty this park is? 

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6829  blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6825

These cars are a big favorite and well worth time short wait in line.  We always have to go through twice because the girls take turns as driver (when they’re not fighting over the steering wheel like they are in the pic above).  Smile

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6851blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6871

After a quick detour into the playground.  Then some fun and flips and slips and slides and a great big drink of water…

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6904blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6908

We’re off to our favorite roller coaster:  The Quicksilver Express!

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6938

I sat in front of the girls and held my (ridiculously expensive) camera over my head to take these photos behind me on the ride.  I was double lucky to get some super cute pics and not send the camera flying during the steep drops and sharp turns!  I’m not sure I’d do this again but I’m glad I got these photos this time.

Maddy has her fingers in her ears because the last part of ride involves going through a tunnel filled with dynamite.  Yeah, it’s a “blast”.  Winking smile

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6952blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6953

(Below)  Isn’t Maddy beautiful?  A princesses perfect profile!

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6933 cropped vignette

Off to the twirly swirly drum ride.  Gwen is actually too tall for this ride but they didn’t seem to notice.  Then we did the goldfish ride and stopped to admire some pretty yellow flowers before heading to the Dip-N-Dots vendor for a snack.

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6979blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6960

Gwen has a rainbow of frozen fruity goodness on her tongue!  This dessert is insanely expensive but extraordinarily good so the girls can hardly help but break into a stereo chorus of incessant begging any time they see someone manning the Dip-N-Dot booth.

blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_6971 cropblog gilroy_gardens_IMG_7031blog gilroy_gardens_IMG_7043

The kids have so much fun at this place so I always get my best smiles at Gilroy Gardens!

April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

This year, we spent Easter with my brother, Kevin, at his home near Los Angeles.  The girls were worried about the Easter Bunny knowing where to deliver their baskets and since I forgot to bring the baskets (doh!), I had to tell them the truth about Ol’ Mr. EB.  Luckily, the disappointment was mitigated by Aunt Cindy who hid eggs all over her backyard!

blog IMG_6632 kevins house Maddy loves the thrill of the hunt and quickly scored big bowl of candy-filled eggs.

blog IMG_6624 kevins house   blog IMG_6630 kevins house

With the help afforded her after donning her pink super-hero cape, Gwen did pretty well for herself too!

blog IMG_6619 kevins house

blog IMG_6627 kevins houseblog IMG_6638 kevins house

blog IMG_6670 kevins house

Three dogs and one slimy green tennis ball sure can be fun!

blog IMG_6769 kevin cindy donna

Kevin, Cindy and Moi

IMG_6748 kaelee and sophie

My neice, Kaelee, with her sweet pup, Sophie.

kay donna lady framed 10 by 10

This is Kay.  I’ve called her Mom since she and my dad married (when I was somewhere around Gwen and Maddy’s age).   She and Dad divorced when I was in my early 30’s and our relationship took a detour sometime around that time too.  This weekend was the first time I’ve seen her in more than 15 years but I really hope it’s not the last.  Oh, and the pretty dog is Lady.   She barked her head off but her wildly wagging tail betrayed her intentions.   She’s as harmless as she is photogenic!

Tonight, we’ll take Daddy to the airport so he can go back to work tomorrow and Gwen and Maddy and I will head down closer to Disneyland for the rest of our Spring Break.

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