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September 19, 2010


I'm really enjoying this black shower curtain backdrop!  

This time, it was Gwen's turn to be my model so I let her pick a shirt from my closet and some fancy necklaces then I washed her face and applied a bit of lip gloss to her chapped lips.  Finally, I asked her if she was ready and she exclaimed "Let's rock and roll!"  A couple of days ago, she was saying "Let's get this party started!"  Seriously, where does she get this?  Anyway, here are a few of my favorite photos from this photo shoot:

Gwen mommy shirt black background border
This one is probably my favorite of the day.  If she's in a good mood - and she usually is - it's impossible to take a bad photo of Gwen. 

My kids wear the usual styles and colors of kids clothing 99 percent of the time so dressing them in one of my fancy shirts makes for a slightly more elegant and interesting photo.  I doubt this photo have looked this pretty if she was wearing her pink and purple Hello Kitty shirt.  Since my shirts are much too large for them, they look more like dresses. I fold the extra fabric to the back and use safety pins secure it.  Best of all, dressing up is great fun for them so it puts them in a happy mood and happy girls are much better models!  :)

Serene gwen black background cashmere 30 copy

I'm one of the contributing members over on We Picture {This} and this month's photo theme is "Laughter".  Since I'm not good about tagging my photos, there wasn't much chance that I'd be able to search through my vast archives for photos of my kids laughing even though I'm certain there are plenty of photos that would fit the theme.  In the end, it just seemed more efficient to take a brand new picture. 

It took a while but I finally did succeed.   Getting her to laugh wasn't really the problem because Gwenny is an amazingly joyful little girl.  The trick is catching the perfect moment when she's laughing whole-heartedly but still looks like she's happy and not crying.  You see, when Gwen is deep into a really good belly laugh, she looks like she's in excruciating pain.   I'll show you what I mean.

First, her happy laugh:

Gwen laughing ambrosia border Then, about 2 seconds later, her painful looking laugh:

Gwen laughing three frame

Doesn't she look like I'm standing on her foot? 

Gwen totally cracks me up!  Oh how I love this girl! 



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