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July 27, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Photography Workshop

I just got back from Pennsylvania where I participated in an awesome photography workshop hosted by Lisa (the originator of Black and White Wednesday).  This just might be my FAVORITE Black and White Wednesday post ever!

IMG_0202 skateboard feet bw

Here's our leader, Lisa.  It was incredibly hot and humid in Bethlehem, PA.  The heat index this day was 115 but you'd never know it to look at Lisa.  Isn't she lovely?  And a beautiful personality to match!  It's almost impossible to believe that in less than one month, she's going to finally have her referral from China.  Yes, that was a very very LONG road to China, my friend!

One of the best things about this workshop (other than learning what the buttons on my camera do) was being able to meet many of my long-time blogger friends in person.  I'm so grateful to Lisa for making this possible and making it fun too!     

IMG_0014 lisa watermark 

There were models for us to practice our newly taught photography skills but I preferred to photograph the behind-the-scenes action.  You know, get the story behind the pics of the models...

IMG_0018 watermark

This boy really enjoyed all of this attention.   :)

IMG_0061 messy hair boy watermark

When we were finished taking photos for the day, he poured some water on his head and ruffled up his hair and asked me to take his photo so he could look at the camera and see what he looked like.  I love spontaneous photos -- especially of children.  They're so much better than posed photos.

IMG_0202 skateboard feet

This little boy was four years old.  He was soooo stinkin' adorable!  I loved his ratty old sneakers and the crooked way he was standing.

IMG_0128 bride watermark

This "bride" and "groom" have actually been married for two years.  They were incredibly sweet and you could tell their marriage is still fresh and fun (like my marriage and just like all marriages should be!).  Wouldn't it be great to get to pull your wedding dress out of storage and put it on again?    But, of course, the real story behind this photo is all of us standing around them taking their photo and waiting for the moment they look at our camera!

Img_0141 julie felicia denise

Here's Julie, Felicia and Denise.

IMG_0068 maddy and dita watermark

And here's Maddy and Dita. 

I took several hundred photos this weekend but since I was shooting in Manual, many were mistakes and couldn't be corrected in Photoshop.  But thanks to Lisa's excellent instruction, most were really good!  I wish I'd gotten more photos of the rest of the group though.  Especially my bestest blogger buddy, Wanda.  I also wish I'd gotten some photos of the incredible storm we drove through on the way to the airport.  There were huge tree branches down in the road and visibility was near zero on the turnpike.  It was unfreakingbelievable!  I'm so glad I had Marla and Stephanie in the car with me to keep me sane and help navigate (and check flight updates). Thankfully my flight wasn't delayed but unfortunately theirs was (and many of my new friends were affected too).  But we all made it home safe and sound.  Phew!

I can hardly wait until the reunion!  :)


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