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June 30, 2010

Mykonos {text by Andrew}

Wednesday June 30 - Mykonos

Today, we visited Mykonos, which is a Greek island off the shore of Turkey, and part of the Cyclades chain.  This is believed to be where the Titans were hurled into the Ocean by Zeus & Co, and the Cyclades themselves bind them forever into the ocean.
Mykonos 9997 maddy sand

I don't have any historical context to offer on Mykonos.  It's the most impressive venue for street photography that we've ever seen.  The island has somehow adopted a theme of gleaming white walls and blue windows and doors.  The place is immaculate, everything clean and sparkling.  From the port, it looks like a sleepy seafront village, but once you enter the main town, the twisty little streets (arranged to facilitate ambushes against visiting pirates) keep going and going. 

There are restaurants and bars, and narrow winding alleys filled with shops.  No graffiti, no trash anywhere, people wiping down each individual section of white wall as you go by.  Apparently it's considered to have among the most cosmopolitan nightlife in Greece, but during the day, it's just beautiful.

Mykonos 9998 pink tables
Mykonos- beer 0795
We loved the pictures we got here, of both the town and the kids.

Mykonos 9999


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