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May 04, 2010

Lego head STUCK on Gwen's tooth!

Right after we finished dinner last night, Gwen skipped merrily into the living room to show us the clever thing she did.  She pulled the head off of one of her Lego toys, admired the little hole on the underside then got the brilliant idea to stick him on her tooth and bite down hard. 

Yep, she capped her permanent tooth with a Lego head and he was stuck. 

Seriously stuck. 

But he was really really cool!  Notice how she got him facing perfectly forward? 

We tried to remove it using olive oil but it wasn't budging.  If you've even owned a Lego set, you know how tough these toys are.  I don't think it's possible to break or even damage one and we were worried that we'd hurt her tooth long before we hurt her smirking yellow tooth ornament.  

I called our Dentist and left a message with his after-hours answering service then I grabbed the camera because.... well, I'm the type of mother who needs to document stuff like this.   Once upon a time, I might have been embarrassed to admit that but everyone knows it now and my kids have never known any other life than one where Mommy takes pictures of them eating pie off of the floor before making them stop. 

But back to the current situation. 

Gosh, this kid makes me smile!  This is EXACTLY what I'd expect Gwen to do because she's fearless and only thinks about how much fun it might be to do something.  Never about the consequences of doing it.  But she's a smart girl and she must have thought that it would come off just as easily as it went on.  Sorry babe.  You were wrong.

Gwen pirate lego tooth

Thankfully Nana and Granddad are visiting this week so they stayed home with Maddy while Daddy and I took Gwen to the Dentist.   On the way there, we laughed about how this wasn't something we would have ever dreamed we'd be doing at 9:00 PM tonight.  But we were grateful that our first dental "emergency" was something this non traumatic.  

Dr Fred gently pulled with rubber gloves and prodded with pokey things but the yellow dude wouldn't even wiggle a little bit.  Finally he used the drill to cut it from the top to bottom and then it came right off!  Gwen was sooooo brave through it all!   She did great!

Sliced lego

Hey Mr Cool!  You don't look so tough now, do you!


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