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August 13, 2009


I've been trying to pay more attention to reflections so I staged this photo shoot on a bright sunny day against a freshly polished minivan window.   This might just be the cleanest that window has ever been! Then I dragged out a small ladder to get my super cute subject a bit closer to the reflective surface and tossed in a chocolate bribe just to get the smiles popping!

As you might expect, it worked!

Here's Gwen, clearly thrilled with the prospect of Godiva chocolate melting on her tongue.

Reflections of a (sideways) happy girl!

Maddy's face was equally ecstatic but I loved this closeup of her delicate little hand. This photo is almost Straight Out of The Camera (SOTC) but I cropped the photo and enhanced her hand a little bit because it was overexposed.  Isn't it stunning!?

Reflections of a happy girl

I I captured so many other super sweet photos during this shoot!  Really it was impossible to pick just these two so visit our flickr "reflection" photo album to see the others or click any of the thumbnails below.



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