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July 01, 2009

Visiting relatives (and the park hereafter referred to as the Allergy Park)

We spent last night and today in Sheffield visiting Andrew's Aunt and Uncle and cousins.  Between thunderstorms, we dashed over to a nearby park so the girls could run off some excess energy.  The park was beautiful.  Here's a pic from last night.

Sheffield gwen and maddy trees

Gwen played "tennis" with Daddy.  He would pitch the ball to her and she would swing at it like a baseball player.  When she was successful, she'd grin and huff some moist breath onto her fingernails then proudly buff them on her chest.   What a silly girl!

She picks up these cute little expressions from watching people and movie videos closely and she has a special knack for incorporating them into her everyday life.  For example, if I ask her to do something, she'll always say "Yes, Sir!" with a sharp salute. Sometimes she'll say "Aye aye, Mommy Captain!" and instead of saying "yes", she'll almost always say "sure".  Instead of "no", she'll roll her eyes sweetly and say "I don't think so!"  And that's just a small sampling.  She's really quite a character, our Gwendolyn!    

Gwen with tennis racquet

Gwen is such a fun loving and happy child.  She's sturdy and capable.  She's always up for an adventure and isn't one to shy away from something because it's risky or uncomfortable.  She'll attempt anything.  Climb anything.  Jump over anything.  She almost never falls and when she does, she's likely to jump up, wipe the blood off of her scraped knees or elbows and take off running again.   She's hardly ever sick and when the rare illness happens, she doesn't complain about it.  So today was especially hard because she had her first ever allergy attack and it really looked like a miserable one! 


It started with one itchy eye and quickly spread to both eyes.  Five minutes later, she was a mess.  She was sneezing and crying and rubbing her itchy red eyes. 


We left the park and popped into the pharmacy on our way back to Auntie Barbara's house.   About an hour after some eye drops and some Benadryl, she was back to her cheerful self.

After all this allergy drama, we drove to Andrew's birth town and visisted his incredibly sweet neighbors.  They are two of the nicest people I've ever met and their home and garden are beautiful!  The camera battery was dead but it's charging now and we'll have plenty to share tomorrow when we return. 



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