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May 08, 2009

Our little pool (aka spa) is finished!

After two and a half months of waiting, our "little pool" is finally finished!  By the way, if anyone can please tell me why my 500 pixel wide photos won't display in their entirety even though the body of my blog is supposedly a full 500 pixels wide, I'll be your best friend forever!  

As always, you can click on the image to see a larger version of it.

Little Pool Finished! 

Here are the kiddos all excited to take their first plunge but getting their toes wet first: 

Maddy and Gwen in their new pool!

I learned a few things during our first full pool day.

  • Those purple Speedo vests are really spiffy but they don't actually keep their head above water.  I had to drop the camera and leap into the pool almost immediately because Gwen was choking.
  • No matter how many times you have your kids pee before getting in the pool, they'll still have to pee every ten minutes anyway.  No small task when you consider all they'll have to take off and how far they'll have to run with slippery wet feet.  (now we keep a toddler potty outside).
  • My wireless Internet works just fine outside but my allergy pill doesn't.   Arrrrgh!!!

Here's something I really don't understand.  Every time we get our kids near a pool, they get an instant suntan.  I don't mean just a little bit of color but a MAJOR tan! 

I used to have to spend an entire summer at the beach to get these results but they get this tan in 30 minutes!  Granted, the "tan" fades within 24 hours but what is up with this?   It's very noticeable on Gwen but I can clearly see it on Maddy too.   Is it an Asian skin thing?   Is it a chemical reaction to the chlorine or other pool chemicals?   They get it in salt-water pools too.  If it's something in the water, then why doesn't their skin change color under their bathing suit? 

I really do have to admit that I'm envious.  If anything, I'm even more white after I get out of the pool! :)


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