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May 25, 2009

Butterfly Silhouette

I've been playing with Silhouettes.  At first, I thought this would be easy since I'm pretty good at back-lighting my photos and unintentionally ruining them with shadowed faces.  However, it seems there might be a bit more to creating a good silhouette when you're actually trying to do it on purpose!   

Last night we headed to the local park to pose against the blue/gold sky as the sun set.  We tried a few different settings and paid close attention to capturing Maddy's pretty profile.  To make it more interesting, we added some props (the paper butterfly was our favorite but we also used a flower and bubbles).  

In the end, we owe just about all of our success to the fact that Maddy loves chocolate and will do just about anything for even the smallest piece of it.  Even a single little m&m will encourage her to do anything I ask.  Every time she held a perfect pose, I'd pop one into her mouth!  

This photo was too pretty to just post all by itself so I added an interesting matte and some embellishments.  But the photo itself is unaltered.  You can see the original here>  Silhouette butterfly-000001


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