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December 11, 2008

Self Imposed Haircut (the sequel)

Back in November of last year, Maddy discovered scissors and the simple joy of performing her own precision haircut.  It was her first exposure to scissors so we understood the attraction/motivation and we were sure we'd be able to effectively communicate to her the perils of cutting her own hair and keep it from happening again.  Nearly 13 months (and 4 corrective haircuts) later, we're revisiting this particular chapter of her life and trying to figure out where the heck we failed. 

Haircut the sequel blog 
(click image for larger view)

Fortunately, she's got a spectacularly lovely face so having a half shaved head only enhances that.  When I asked her what happened, her little Elfin face scrunched up and big round tears poured down her cheeks.  She obviously knew that she wasn't supposed to cut her own hair but I guess she hoped she'd done a good enough job of it to not draw criticism. When the praise fell through, she was completely devastated and just sobbed into my shoulder for several minutes.  

I 'fixed' her hair by selecting a section of long hair behind her original bangs and combing it forward then trimming it off to bang length.  It's not perfect but it makes a huge difference!  I know someday we're going to laugh about all of this so we're starting early and laughing about it now!

I love digital scrap-booking and I'm going to try to give away some of the stuff I create so others can use it for their scrap-booking pages. 

Here are the scissors I created for the collage above.  You can save this to your computer by simply right-clicking on it and selecting "save as" and saving it to your computer.  I'd love to see all the ways you use this so please let me know if you create a special page.


DonnaT open scissors


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