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December 05, 2008

Maddy Art (December)

Here's another installment of Maddy's amazing art.  She loves to draw and I really love to showcase her amazing creations!  

She has a crayon or a pen in her hand all the time and she puts her heart into everything she draws.  She's a perfectionist and at least 90% of her papers up in the trash but she'll enthusiastically bring us her favorite drawings and ask us to scan them.  Pretty often, we'll poke around on trash day as we pull something out of her trash can that she didn't think was worthy.  The horse you see below was one such treasure.  Maybe she was critical that his mane was not connected to his head on top?  Who can know?  All we do know is that her creations are almost always brilliant and we love them (and her!). 

We don't push her to do any of this so we really marvel that her eye catches so many small details:  blades of grass, rays of sunlight, fingers (sometimes more than 10!), scales on a friendly dinosaur, dots to decorate her family's names, or a moat around her castle's drawbridge.  It's all beautiful!  We really enjoy seeing her world through her lovely drawings! 

Maddy Art Dec 2008 blog 

    (click image for larger view)


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