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December 20, 2008

Let's Skate! (update)

Temps only in the mid 40's all weekend but the sun is predicted to shine brightly in a clear sky so what better thing to do than hit the ice rink?   The girls could have easily spent the entire day doing this even though it's only their fourth time on ice and they're working pretty hard to keep their legs under them.  Gosh, they're just so stinkin' adorable!    Special thanks to Daddy who thrilled us all with his amazing backward skating technique (essential for holding the camera and catching all this super cute action!).

The video is only a minute and a half long so disregard the dead space at the end of the video.  No doubt, it's due to my poor video editing skills!    The soundtrack is Mr Sinatra singing about how he's got his love to keep him warm.  We whole heartedly agree with his premise but we also have a hard time getting around the appeal of a good pair of fuzzy mittens.

Today, we're off to the uber famous breakfast buffet at Marie Calendars to taunt our eldest daughter with the cheesy goodness of their potato soup.  After that, we're heading to our local lake to try to walk off some of those surplus calories then we'll meet up with old friends at another park up north.   Hey, anything that doesn't involve going to a mall on the weekend before Christmas is a good thing, right?

Update:  Wow!  Not sure what the weather man is putting in his eggnog this year but he couldn't have been more wrong about that 0% prediction of rain today and it's been steadily coming down for hours!  So much for working off all the yummy Marie Calendar's cheesy soup by taking a brisk walk around the lake.  Sigh....

Nothing to do now except lay around the house and chug hot chocolate and gaze at the Christmas tree and scratch our belly.  (Ahhhh!  That feels good!)

And how was your weekend?  :)


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