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November 02, 2008

30 years ago today.... (and pizza!)

Today is a bit of an historical day for me and I'm almost embarrassed to mention it because it makes me feel so very old. But here's the short version of the story: I graduated High School when I was 16 and joined the Army just a few weeks after turning 17.  My active duty date was exactly (gulp, cough...) thirty years ago today. 

THIRTY YEARS??   OMG... is that possible? 


Wanna see a picture of me at age 17?  Yes, That's Farrah Faucet hair.  For anyone interested, my MOS was "Legal Clerk/Court Reporter" (extra bonus points to anyone who comments and can identify my rank and the unit I was assigned to). 

After a few years, I went to flight school and served the rest of my military service as helicopter pilot.  Ten years in total.

Today, I'm a stay-at-home-mom of three kids: a 20 year old son (away in college) and two 'twin' 4 year old daughters.    Having two very little girls does more to make me feel younger than any cosmetic product or surgical procedure!  Having a younger husband helps too!  ;) 

Maddy had a significant "Big 30" event today too:  She finally hit thirty pounds!  Before you shrug this off, consider that she's nearly four and a half years old and almost forty inches tall!  Thirty pounds is a milestone most kids pass by the time they turn three but it was starting to look like Maddy would have to be in a car seat until she was 12!  She still might (since the weight minimum is 40) but at least she's finally making progress towards that goal!  By comparison, Gwen is 16 pounds heavier even though she's only a smidgen over one month older.  But what Maddy lacks in girth, she makes up for in every other way!  Here she is with our friend, Benjamin, today.  They're marching in leaves and obviously enjoying every crunchy moment!


(Above) After a busy afternoon at the park with Benjamin and his mom and dad, everyone took a nap then got up and made pizza for dinner.    Here's Gwen (right) and Maddy (left) rolling the dough and putting the sauce, cheese and all the yummy toppings in place! 

Honestly, this was the best pizza I've ever eaten!  My girls must have added just the perfect amount of sweetness just by dipping their little fingers in!


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