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September 17, 2008

Another drawing from The Princess of Crunchville

It's been a week since Maddy's surgery and she's been eating soft foods without much protest -- until just now. 

After nap, she asked for a "crunchy cookie".  Not just a cookie but a crunchy cookie.   I can't really blame her since squishy food must be getting pretty boring by now. 

When I explained that she still can't have crunchy food, she ran into her room and cried.  My poor little Princess still has one more week to go!  When it's all over, we'll celebrate with the crunchiest Oreo cookies and Cheetos and Ritz crackers!  But for now it's soup and soft toast.  Ugh.  Maybe I'll melt a Hershey Kiss and let her lick it off a wooden spoon.  Who wouldn't like that!

Before nap, she was my usual happy little artist and she drew this handsome lion (background added by Mommy).   Don't you just love that tail? 


Today is Andrew's parent's 42nd wedding anniversary.   Two of the nicest people I know who just happen to have created the man of my dreams.

Happy Anniversary to Nana and Grandad!


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