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July 13, 2008

Savage Maddy: Beautiful Jungle Princess

080713 savage maddy no text

Maddy is having a love affair with face paint lately.   She just can't get enough of it.   If we go to Gilroy Gardens, we have to stop by the face-painting booth and plop down $9.  Every Time.

She calls it "Paint Facing" and she smiles up at us when she makes her request and her eyes twinkle and our wallet just pops open and the dollars fly out.

Since we want the kids to attend college some day, I thought it might be cost effective to purchase a face painting kit and try my hand at creating the kind of magic the starving artists at the amusement parks achieve.  So far, so good.  Maddy hasn't even noticed that Mommy has no idea what she's doing.

This was my 2nd attempt.  My first attempt was yesterday (barely visible in the pictures in the last posting).    You can't tell from the photo but Maddy is wearing a pretty brown shirt paired up with camouflage pants and pigtails so this FaceArt was supposed to compliment her ensemble.  In the end, she just looked like she should be holding a spear and running from tigers in a jungle somewhere.  I think she pulls off that look quite well! 

As I'm about ready to post this, I noticed the date and remember that today is the 7th anniversary of our very first "forever day". 

Seven years ago, Andrew drove a huge UHaul truck to Hemet and loaded all our stuff and we all headed north.    North to our wonderful new life.  In the course of a few short months, we sold two houses, bought one, planned a wedding, celebrated then mourned a my 40th birthday (it was 9/11/01...) and started our life as a family of three.  Michael just turned 13 and our daughters were not even a glimmer in the eye of anyone.

Three summers later it was 2004 and, unbeknownst to us, our girls were born half way across the world.  We we'd known, we'd have thrown the party of the century! 

This month, our girls are four (FOUR?!?!)  Maddy's been our baby for almost 2 years (Gwen for nearly 3!) and our littlest princess is such a joy!    She loves face paint and fresh fruit (and bacon!).  She loves to sing and color inside the lines and write her own name.  She's amazing and we love her so much!  Life is good!


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