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May 05, 2008

Wet Guilin Cave Dwellers

Wet Guilin Cave Dwellers
Originally uploaded by Donna & Andrew

Yesterday, we visited the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin. The cave got its name from the reeds that grow just outside it and these are the reeds used to make flutes.

It was raining so we thought we might escape the weather by taking cover inside the cave but we were wrong. Water seeps in and was dripping and pooling everywhere. Naturally, our two little girls sought out, stomped in, or stood under, every drop of water they found. Afterwards, they proudly displayed their drenched hair to each other.  They're playing together really well on this trip. Even when they have the opportunity to play with other kids, they seem to mostly stick together. Today, Gwen was taking some pictures with our camera and I wanted her to take a photo of Daddy but she said she wanted to take a picture of Maddy because "She's my best friend".

Today, we took the Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Andrew and I looked forward to this part of our trip and the scenery didn't let us down even though the weather was far from perfect. We took nearly 300 photos but after very liberal use of the delete button on the keyboard, only about two dozen were deemed good enough to post and share on Flickr. Some day, we'd like to return when the sky is blue and do this again.

Tomorrow we do a bit more sight seeing in Guilin and then we catch a train to Nanning. The day after that, we meet Maddy's foster family in Qinzhou!

Here are photos of the last two days in Guilin:

Guilin (slide show)
Guilin (thumbnails)


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