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March 30, 2007

Spring has sprung

Bird_nest_smMichael mentioned that there was a bird nesting in the wreath on the front door.  Since our doors are 10 feet high, I couldn't actually see the nest so I grabbed the camera and held it over my head and snapped some pictures.  I think it's a sparrow but their eggs are usually speckled and these are pure white. 

While I took the pictures, the nervous mama bird was chirping at me from a nearby tree.  So I snapped a pic of her too.  She's in the lower left corner of the collage. 

Michael agreed to use the garage entrance until the eggs hatch and the babies leave the nest.  He's very compassionate about things like this.

The poem is something Andrew taught me that he learned from his Dad.  I can't read it without adding a British accent!

A request?

WordverifTo post a comment on my blog, you have to enter some weird combination of difficult to read letters to prove that you really are a human and not a big fat spam machine.  Since I don't approve your comments before they post for the whole world to see, this is a necessary inconvenience that I have to impose upon you.  Sorry (really).

But I've noticed that many of my favorite blogs are screening comments AND using this word verification thing.  So here's my request:  If you're moderating the comments on your blog, can you please disable the word verification

My few remaining brain cells thank you! 

Easter Bunny

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #25 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 4/6/07.

This week's photo challenge is "Easter Bunny".  Want to play?  Here are the very simple rules.

Maddy_with_easter_bunnyWhat is it about a grown man in a ridiculous giant bunny suit that makes parents line up and pay money to have their child sit in his lap?  Okay, in M3's case we know it's the free piece of chocolate afterwards but why do the rest of us do it?  Am I really the only person who finds it sorta, well..... creepy?      

Here's Maddy.  She saw Mr Bunny sitting there all alone and I teased her by asking if she wanted to go sit on his lap and say hello.   I fully expected that she'd greet that idea with as much shock and horror as my similar constant requests to go say hi to Santa (who occupied that same exact white bench just a few months earlier).  Neither of my kids have ever agreed to get withing 30 feet of Santa but, to my amazement, Maddy said yes about the Easter Bunny! 

She sat on his huge hairy leg and the camera guy squeaked and waved some unidentifiable blue stuffed toy and Maddy cracked up laughing!  They took this picture and collected $17 from me and Maddy got two chocolate candy "kisses".  She shared one with Gwen who immediately gobbled hers down and tried to convince Maddy to go sit on that scary thing again and get her some more candy!

UPDATE:  On the night before Easter, with just 5 minutes before the end of his final shift, we were amazed to see that there wa no line of nervous children waiting to have their pic taken with our local Mall Bunny.  But we were even more amazed when we asked Gwen if she wanted to go say hi and she agreed!

So, here's her first picture with the big furry guy himself!  Heck, maybe we'll get a picture with Santa this year too?


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March 26, 2007

Here's one for the baby book

Tic_tac_smToday, while strolling through Marshall's with the girls, Maddy cried out in distress as she frantically tried to dislodge a tic-tac from her nose.  It's the first time any of my kids have put anything up there -- other than their finger.  Or, at least, it's the first time I've ever caught them.

I've been looking for a reason to post this nose picking photo from Maddy's referral set from early last year.  Now I've found it and I know many of you will be relieved to learn that "nose picking" has now been crossed off the FFFF list. 

You might also be interested to know that, in several countried (such as China), orange flavored tic-tac's are not orange -- they're white (see inset).  But here in the good ol' USA, their color is homonymous with their glorious flavor.   This little detail wasn't overlooked with Maddy's latest incident as, even though I got the whole tic-tac out almost immediately, she's been sneezing orange snot for half a day.

Another, bigger, "first" for the baby book is our teenage son's first job interview.   He got dressed up and looked so nice!  Later, I called him and he said he thought he did well.  It's not a super prestigious job but it's his first so that doesn't matter.   I love my kids!  Whatever they do, they do it with gusto!

March 23, 2007

Every parents worst fear


UPDATE:  Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments (public and private).  You're awesome!

Thanks also for all the links to websites that sell ID bracelets and/or number beads.  it looks like I'll be making a couple of bracelets soon!

A few people asked if I really wrote on Gwen's forehead.   Nope.  I added the text to a photo I already had.  :)

Gwen and Maddy seem to be connected by an invisible tether as neither child is usually more than just a few feet from the other.  Even when their close proximity is annoying the heck out of both of them. 

So, when I noticed that Maddy ran out of the toddler play ground at the mall today, I panicked because I KNEW that must mean that Gwen was also out -- and I couldn't see her anywhere!

Let me back up a little bit.  We did our usual thing - like we do every weekday:  The kids happily played on the red and blue car and slid down the baby slide on their tummy and fought over who got to sit on the turtle's head.  They climbed over and through the log and, in the middle of it all, we shared a banana (but not this way).  It was what we always do.  It was our safe, fun, familiar routine. 

When it came time to leave, I walked to the middle of the playground then towards the entrance where our stroller was and asked who wanted to get in first.  Gwen volunteered Maddy and Maddy turned back and took off running with Gwen and Mommy in hot pursuit.  Then the girls split up and went in opposite directions (but still within the playground, I thought). 

Rather than chase them and drag them out, I turned around and headed back to the stroller and that's when I saw that Maddy was in front of me and actually LEFT the playground (a huge taboo and something they get in big trouble for and don't EVER do!).   I could tell from her confident gait that Gwen must also have left so I asked Maddy where Gwen was and she looked around then gave me the universal gee-I-dont-know-Mom shrug.  And that's when I felt my face go numb. 

I looked left and right and every quadrant between! 

I screamed Gwen's name and pleaded with her to call back to me. 

I scooped up Maddy and didn't even have time to put her in the stroller so I ditched it and carried her like a quarterback carries the football as I sprinted to places I can't even remember now while frantically calling out to Gwen. 

The other parents (who are usually total snobs) leaped to their feet, grabbed their kids, and joined the search and I felt immense gratitude that I wasn't the only person searching for this precious little person (who probably didn't even know she was lost yet).   For split seconds, I was forced to imagine that I'd never see her again and it just killed me -- It's almost too painful to even write about now!

I ran to the bathroom and looked under the counter since Gwen was known to jump the gun and run there the instant Maddy said she needed to go potty.  Under the counter was a favorite "hiding" spot.  But she wasn't there. 

We ran around the entire perimeter of green seats at the play ground, and then inside -- just to make sure she hadn't turned back.  I stopped for a millisecond to try to absorb all of the possibilities and plot our next direction to run:

  • An exit to the parking lot/street. 
  • An escalator to the 2nd floor. 
  • A corridor that lead to Sears. 
  • Another corridor that leads to the food court. 
  • A juice bar where we buy our bananas every day. 
  • A kiddy makeover/glamor store.
  • A satellite post office. 
  • An overpriced kid's clothing store. 

All of this was within 20 feet of the playground -- She could be ANYWHERE!

Finally, I heard one of the other parents call out "She's here!" and I raced towards the sound of her voice and saw her walking towards me holding Gwen's hand.  Gwen was smiling as if she'd just played the coolest game of hide-n-seek ever!

For several months now, I've been looking for beads with numbers on them so I can make a bracelet with our cell phone number.  I can't find any!  I even bought some ShrinkyDinks so I could make something (but it's too brittle and doesn't work as a long term solution).  My biggest fear is that one of the kids will run off and nobody will be able to contact me to tell me when they find them.

I swear, I'm going to just get a black permanent marker and write my cell phone number on their forehead!!

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