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January 31, 2007


Sunflower_smGwen sat still while I fixed her hair this morning.  I did two rows of small rubber bands that I tied together in a ponytail.  It came out pretty good! (click <here> to see it).

When I was finished, I wanted to take a picture so I pointed the camera at my sweet little model and said "Smile!" 

This is the result.  I love this goofy face with all my heart and soul!  She's mommy's sunflower! (click the flower to see a larger view)

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January 30, 2007

Pierced ears

This subject is being discussed on a few other blogs and online forums so I'm popping this old post to the top of my blog to save time and not have to retype it.

(I'm moving it back to the original spot on the blog.  The can of worms is just too wormy.)


Maddy_earring_smI almost always avoid controversial topics on this blog so I hope I'm not sticking my neck out with this one.

Here's the deal:  I'm not going to pierce my daughters ears until they're both old enough to plead with me in full, grammatically correct, sentences to do it.   

They don't care about beauty at this age.  Heck, they'd just as happily wear an ridiculous Elmo Band-aide plastered across their forehead as a pair of glimmering sapphire earrings! 

But Maddy does seem to love her pretty earrings (she loves to copy Mommy).  They're the stick-on kind.  We got 400 of them for about $9.99 at Target (in the cell phone area as they're supposed to add "bling" to your phone).  They stick really well and she always touches them to make sure they're still there.  Oddly enough, Gwen (my Sticker Queen) absolutely won't wear them.  But Maddy gets a new pair every morning after her bath.

I understand that ear piercing is a cultural thing for many families but for my family (and here in San Jose) it's nothing special so it's easy to not subject our very young daughters to the discomfort of having it done and keeping the holes clean and free from infection.  When they're older, I expect that they'll want to have their ears pierced and that will be fine.


This is our 18 year old son, Michael.  He's had his ears pierced since he was six but he BEGGED me (in grammatically correct sentences) to let him do it and we had a deal that he could if he make Honor Roll in school -- and he did! So I held up my end of the deal.

For many years, we had strict rules about how large the holes could be.  All through High School, he challenged us and would periodically sneak in larger earrings (that I always noticed).  We'd make him remove them before bestowing any privledge upon him so we were able to keep the holes smaller than a pencil lead.  But the instant he turned 18 and moved into the dorm at college, he put these large things in his ears. 

I am grateful that our challenges with raising him haven't involved anything much more serious than the size of his earrings but I'm disappointed that he did this to his ears.  As his mom, I remember how beautiful and perfect his earlobes were when he was a baby.    Oh well, at least it's not a tatoo!

January 29, 2007

Removing their own diaper (NOT!)

PinOn several message boards, I've recently read about the plight of parents who are retrieving their little darling from their crib only to find them standing on a soggy blanket wearing nothing but a poop smeared grin!

So, I wanted to share our answer to this age-old problem. 

No need to bring out the duct tape or put the PJ's on backwards (after removing the feet).  Just use a sturdy diaper pin to hold the zipper pull in the "up" position and you'll be worry free!

January 28, 2007

Why are my girls are so tickled?

20070129_tickledBecause they're rollin' in style! :)

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January 27, 2007

"Between the New Years"

Saturday, we drove out to the Presidio of San Francisco for a "Between the New Years" celebration with hundreds of families who've adopted from China.  It was incredibly fun and we were bummed that we forgot to bring our camera!  Fortunately, M3 and Rod remembered theirs and were so nice (as always!) to let us borrow it.  Here's one of the pictures from the day:

Donna_m3_and_girls Of course, that's M3 and Rose and Marie with me and Maddy and Gwen.

Behind us are some of the buildings on the Presidio (which was, sadly, deactivated several years ago).  The one directly above M3's head was the old Criminal Investigations Division (CID) headquarters and the one to the right (in the corner of the picture) was the male barracks.  If you could see the one next to that, it would be the female barracks and that's where I lived for two years back in the early 1980's.

I can't tell you how nostalgic it was to be back on the Presidio after more than 20 years!  I walked on the same sidewalks that I walked on way back then.  What if I had a crystal ball and saw 25 years into the future to see the picture above?   

I just got some pictures from Mary-Mia of the girls playing in the bouncer so I'll update this post to add them!

Img_4230s Gwen was VERY enthusiastic about the bouncer!  She was a wild woman and held her own with the kids twice (or more) her age while most of her peers stayed on the sideline and tried not to get bounced on!
Img_4227s Once or twice, she was knocked flat on her back.  Here she is about to have medical aid rendered by a handsome 4 year old!  Don't worry, she was fine!  Gwen falls down usually for dramatic effect and likes to lay there for a few moments to see what kind of attention she can draw.  Yes, I do have a real Drama Queen on my hands!  She's tough as steel though and rarely cries even when she's really knocked down for real!

Maddy had fun but was much more reserved about it.  Especially since the bouncer would suddenly deflate without notice and the whole structure would collapse onto the children (who were screaming and running for the exit flap).

Then it would spring back up and like a Jack-in-the-box and the kids would pile back in only to repeat the process 15 minutes later! 

We're going to get one of these for the girls' 3rd birthday party this summer.  Hopefully one that doesn't do the spontaneous deflation trick!

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