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October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

Halloween_2006_smWe wimped out again this year and purchased the super-easy costume/PJ thingy at Target.  I always made Michael's costumes and I'm pretty sure that tradition will kick in again starting next year.  Meanwhile, the girls didn't seem to notice and really have enjoyed running around the house (and mall) in these soft fuzzy jammies.

Click here for pictures of Gwen's first Halloween with us last year.  It's scary how much she's grown!

Happy Haunting!!

October 30, 2006


Potty_elmoThe differences between our two "twin" daughters never cease to amaze me.  For example, Maddy can't manage to put her own socks on but can consistently go potty on the toilet.  On the other hand, Gwen can completely dress (and, unfortunately, undress) herself but doesn't seem to have the first clue about toilet training -- even though she has lots of enthusiasm for it!

We've noticed that she'll pretty consistently p*ee on the floor within minutes of getting out of the bathtub so we started lifting her from the bath and placing her directly on the potty chair.  One time, she actually produced results (p*ee) and was so excited that she still flashes a huge smile and hollers "YAY!" if you mention it.  But most of the time, there's no p*ee in the potty -- and there's never been poo. 

Still, she loves to sit on the potty so we encourage her and this morning she sat there while I dressed Madeline.  I was in the walk in closet picking a shirt when I turned around just in time to see Gwen squatting behind me and p*ooping on the carpet!  Yes, she got up from the potty chair and walked four feet into the closet to p*oop!   

How can she be so smart in so many ways but not understand the simple concept of where poo goes?  12 hours later, if I reminder her that she p*ooped on the floor in the closet, she smiles and screams "Yay!" and claps her hands.  Huh?

October 29, 2006

Glasses are fun!

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #4 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a comment here before 11/3/06.

This week's FFFF challenge is Eyewear:  Sunglasses, reading glasses, etc.  Be creative!  Have fun!

Gwen_glasses_sm Maddy_glasses_sm

I'm sure you'll agree that Gwen is incredibly photogenic.  We took well over 200 photos of the girls in various pairs of sunglasses this morning and it was hard to pick my favorite four for her collage (Gwen is the top collage, Maddy is the bottom.  As always, click to enlarge the image).   

Last year, we took this picture of Gwenny in Mommy and Daddy's reading glasses.  It's surprising to see how much she's changed in 10 months.  She was a baby then and she's quite the little lady now! More recently, we took this picture on the plane from Nanning to Guangzhou just a few days after getting Madeline.   That was only two months ago but she seems to have really matured in those months.  I can't imagine the changes we'll see in both girls in the next year! 

Maddy is super fun to photograph too and I also had trouble picking out my favorite four photos for her collage. At first, she was unsure about the glasses but after Gwen put them on and started laughing and goofing around wtih them, she was eager to join the fun too! 

Today is the first day of daylight savings time and the girls seem to have not read the memo since they woke up at 5:30 am!  We kept them up a bit later before their nap -- actually, that's when we did this photo shoot.   We weren't sure we'd get much cooperation from two tired 2 year olds but they did pretty well, we think!

This week, Maddy turns 27 months old.  She's 34 inches tall and weighs 22.5 pounds.

This week, Gwen turned 28 months old.  She's 35 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.

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October 24, 2006


Salsa_twinsBiggest congratulations to our China adoption pals, neighbors and good friends, Rod and Mary-Mia!  They had their new twins daughters, Rose and Marie, placed in their arms just hours ago. 

Everyone who ever thought about adopting from China knows their blog:  Do They Have Salsa in China?  We met well over a year ago when they were just starting on this journey and look at them now!  First time parents of one year old twins!  We couldn't be happier for them and we can't wait to introduce San Jose's newest twin cuties to their playmates, Gwen and Maddy, in just a few short weeks! 

October 23, 2006

Maddy's 2 month Gotcha anniversary!

Maddy_20061015_frame Maddy has been in our family for exactly two months!  It's hard to believe and we really wish the time would have passed this fast DURING the long wait for referral or Travel Authorization (TA). 

She's completely bonded to our family now and functioning well in the California time zone.  she calls me Mama and knows her Dada and sister, Gwenny (Wenn).  We know she still remembers the life she had before we joined ours so we've been careful about showing her pictures of her foster family since we don't want her to re-live that loss over and over again..  We really want her to remember them but we want her to be part of our family enough that we're able to give her emotional support if she's sad when she sees the pictures (it makes me cry just thinking about it!).  Obviously, her foster family couldn't keep her forever so she's much better off having a "forever family" but we know they genuinely loved her and we're so grateful for the love and attention her China foster family gave her.

Madeline is our special little girl.  She's feisty and spunky but she has a warm endearing side that begs to be held tight and loved.  Without a doubt, she's her sister's best friend!  She's been with us for exactly two months and it's been an easy transition but she's had three colds and two painful ear infections (Compare to Gwen who's been with us for 13 months and has had two colds and zero ear infections).  So, we're getting advice about ear tubes.   

Happy two month anniversary, Maddy!  We love you and are so happy you're in our family!

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