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September 06, 2006

Last night in China


This is our last night in China.  It's been a wonderful adventure and even though we miss our bed and the ability to rinse our toothbrush in something other than the last 2 ounces of water from the Watson's bottle, we know this the possibly the last time we'll be here -- at least for this purpose.  So we want to treasure every last minute.

Here's Gwen modeling Daddy's shorts.  She's going through a phase where she loves to wear multiple layers of clothes.  She's really changed so much during this trip.  She's talking about 50% more than before -- perhaps because she has a little sister to communicate with.  She's also figured out that there is a difference between men and women and calls all women "Momma" and all men "Di Dah" (Di Dah is the reverse of Dah Di or "Daddy").   It's especially flattering when she points to a pretty slim mannequin and screams "Mamma!"  At first, I thought she really thought someone looked like me but I've finally figured out that it's her way of saying that someone is female or male.


Maddy was a skinny little bean pole when we got her two weeks ago.  We expected her to be a picky eater but she eats everything in sight!  This kid gets up and drinks some sweet milk then puts away three bowls of chicken or pork congee, a bunch of watermelon then wants a couple of big granola cookies a half hour later!  She repeats the process for lunch and dinner and snacks on Pringles chips inbetween.  She even mooched most of my pistachio nuts off me yesterday.  A 2 year old who likes pistachio nuts? Nuts!   Oh well... we've been letting her eat!    She looks so much better!


Our guide, Sarah, is part of the China Team from US Asian Affairs.   She's been awesome!  In addition to guiding us through all of the official adoption stuff, she's taken us to many tourist attractions in Guangzhou.   She'll often watch the girls so we can concentrate on tours or take pictures.  The girls LOVE her!  Gwen is a big Momma's Girl and doesn't like other women very much but she really likes Sarah. 

Yesterday, we visited the tomb of Nanyue King who ruled this region 2300 years ago.  Today, we visited the Guangzhou Safari Park.   Oh my gosh.... this was awesome!  We'll post some of the pictures below. 


The Safari Park isn't a zoo.  It's like the Wild Animal Park in San Diego only much more up-close-and-personal.  We rode in an open train through various habitats with animals all grouped together according to where they are on the food chain.  They were so close to us!  It was really fascinating and the girls squealed with delight as they pointed at everything! 


Gwen's favorite:  The Rhino.

We're all packed up and ready to head out in the morning.  The next time you hear from us, we'll be home! 


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