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September 08, 2006

Home at last!


We got home about 3:30 yesterday afternoon after a 12 hour flight from Hong Kong to SFO.  All told, it was pretty comfortable.

We flew Cathay Pacific and used the car-seats we purchased in China.  Since the flight wasn't very full, we were able to move to the bulkhead so we had lots of leg room.  Gwen slept soundly in the car-seat for the best part of 8 hours.  Maddy is a tummy sleeper so she wasn't comfortable sleeping in the car-seat and we were really lucky that we had enough room in front of us to lay her down on the floor (with tons of blankets and pillows).  The flight attendants were amazing.  They did so much to make us comfortable and we strongly recommend using Cathay Pacific on that particular route.
Zz20060907_homecoming_016 Once home, Gwenny took Maddy on a tour of the house.  Here she is meeting Kitty for the very first time.  She loves Kitty and we're pretty sure she's not just imagining her in a good gravy. 

Kitty was very happy to see us but seems to have not suffered too much while we were away.  Mary-Mia checked in on her several times and so did her friend Maggie.  Thanks M&M!

We kept the girls up until 7:30 PM last night and they slept until midnight.  That would be the time they would get up from their nap in China so we weren't frustrated that they were wide awake.  We let them play quietly (if there's such a thing) and put them back to bed about 3:00 AM.   We think the trick to helping them adjust to the time difference is to let them get lots of time in the sunshine and resist the temptation to let them sleep too long during the day.  Eventually, they'll be guided them into their new night schedule.  We're also making sure that we sleep when they do.  When we brought Gwen home last summer, I was so ready to finally have some personal time after Gwen fell asleep that I didn't go to sleep myself.  A few hours later, I was ready for bed and Gwen was wide awake and not willing to be entertained by anyone other than me.  We're not making that mistake again. 

This morning, we all got up at 10:00.  We could have easily slept longer but we feel pretty good and the girls are happily munching dry cereal and raisins and drinking their yogurt drinks.  Poor Maddy won't get her usual breakfast of congee until I figure out how to make it (feel free to post your easy and tasty recipe for congee in the comments).


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