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October 31, 2005

Boo! (Happy Halloween!)


Instead of posting a picture of darling little Gwendolyn in a pumpkin patch, I thought I'd share something else incredibly cute! Isn't it impossible to look at that and not say "Ahhhhh!"?


Here's Gwen in her costume.

She didn't ring any doorbells. She's still too young to eat candy and mommy sure has heck don't need to eat it for her! :)

October 25, 2005

Add yourself to this uber-cool map!

Look at all the places the stork has dropped China babies!
You have to see this -- it's just the coolest thing! You add your first name and zip code (no last name - so your privacy is protected) and even a picture and/or URL to your blog and you'll be on this map! Wouldn't it be great if this map had so many adopting parents that it turned solid red!?

Here's the link to add yourself:... Click Here To Add Yourself

Be sure to play around with the zoom thingy. It's really amazing what Google has done!

If you're not adopting, please don't add yourself here. There are other maps for you or you can even create one of your own!

October 22, 2005

Something's come between us

After four happy years of marriage, something's finally come between us. .
<<<< I married this dark mysterious man back in 2001 and we've worked pretty hard to fill that white space between us! This picture was taken on our honeymoon.
>>>> Here we are nearly four years later with our beautiful big headed shadow child! Yep! Something's finally come between us but we couldn't be happier!

October 20, 2005

Gwen's "Lovey"

My precious baby girl loves her "lovey".

It's a washcloth with folded/sewn corners that she can rub under her fingers over or rub on her face.

I understand that the cribs at the orphanage were simple boards lined with a towel and many of the kids could soothe themselves by playing with the towel.

Some of the other Shenzhen parents have reported that their baby is expecially attached to a washcloth or handtowel and some of them say their child only likes China towels!

Fortunately, Gwen loves any towel/washcloth that has a firmly sewn corner.

When she's stressed, she'll grab her 'lovey' and search out the corner and play with it. I really wish the orphanage would have sent a washcloth/towel with her on Gotcha day. It sure would have been easier for her to get through that traumatic day if she had a lovey! It was three days before she started being herself enough to show us that she liked towels. Since then, she's never been without her cherished lovey! It's made her life easier and ours too!

Isn't she cute doing that? :)

How we spend our day:

Gwen would like to tell you about her day.

We get up at 8:00 am and Daddy feeds
me a scrumptious breakfast consisting
of some form of room temperature mashed
Gerber food product and about half a little
container of fruity yogurt.

I smear it all over my high chair and Daddy
thinks I'm cute. Then I make a hearty poop
and Daddy takes care of that. (Have I
mentioned that my Daddy is the
best Daddy ever?)

Then I get passed to Mommy so Daddy
can go to work and make lots of money
to spend on me.

Then we get in the car. As you can see, I'm pretty happy about my car seat. It's off to the mall for us!

At the mall, there's so much
to do!

But the best part of the trip
is our visit to the toddler

I'll show you around but the
rules say you have to take off
your shoes to play here. So take
them off!

This is a log! We can crawl
through it! Sometimes,
friends crawl through it with
us. Sometimes, we just crawl
through it alone.

This log, and all of the
other stuff in the play yard,
looks hard but it's not.
It's actually squishy. That
way, we don't cry if we
bump our head. There are
LOTS of bumped heads
in this place!

This is a red sports car just
like the one I'll get lots of
tickets in when I'm in

Mommy was a Deputy
Sheriff and she knows
cops like to give tickets
to red cars!

This slide is one of my favorite things!
I only just figured this thing out in the
last few days.

You climb up and slide down!
It's very fun!

. .

I do it about 100 times and
then Mommy feeds me lunch
(more Gerber mashed stuff
that I like soooo much).

Then I have a bottle of
formula and we head back
to the car so I can fall
asleep in my carseat!
I take my nap from 12:00 to 3:00 but sometimes I take a shorter nap.

Then I have another bottle when I get up and Mom and I snuggle and watch Tom and Jerry on Tivo. I just love that silly cat and mouse!

Then I have a snack of yogurt and Kix cereal and I play in the office while Mommy checks her email. Between you and me, I don't like Mommy to check her email because she's not playing with me when she's doing that! So I do this thing where I fuss and holler and she always comes and plays with me! I think she knows that I won't be little forever!

We play for a while and then we take a little walk outside and then we play some more. Sometimes, we sit quietly and watch Malcom in the Middle (Mommy laughs at that show!). Then I have dinner around 6:30 and a bath at 7:30 and Daddy comes home to play with me soon after that.

Daddy snuggles me and gives me my third bottle of the day at about 9:00 pm then Mommy puts me to sleep by snuggling with me in her bed while boring MSNBC is on. I always sleep during the boring news! Then she carries me to my crib and I try real hard to sleep all through the night! But it's hard to cuz I'm a baby and babies like to wake up at night and have company! Sometimes, it's kitty (see here) and sometimes it's Mommy!

I wake up the next day, we do the same things all over again. I never get tired of it though!

Mommy is making friends at the mall and I might get to be signed up for a Gymboree exercise class! We looked at one today and it looks like fun!

Mommy says she'll add more pictures to this after she figures out how to use Daddy's cool 8 megapixel camera. She's working on it so keep looking here for updates!



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