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February 14, 2008



Wow... Donna you are getting more and more talented with your digi-scrapping! Gwen looks like she is jumping out of the page in the top photo! Of course, you also have two very beautiful subjects for your art. I can't believe how long Gwen's hair is. Seems like yesterday I was reading your posts from China and seeing an adorable baby with very short hair. I keep cutting Rachel's hair into chin-length bobs and then I look at Gwen's hair and regret it...


amazing as usual! I also couldn't believe how long (and thick) Gwen's hair is getting. Gives me hope for maddy yet :0)


I just got all choked up with the girls hugging. They are really finding joy in each other. Such a beautiful set of pictures. The one on top with Gwen coming out of the page is astounding and her hair looks out of legend. Beautiful.


What a beautiful post. Glad the hugs are happening more often. Emilia sends them a big hug:)


This is such a cute post!! The girls just keep getting cuter and cuter with every picture you take of them! A happy belated Valentines to all of you too! I was in Arkansas on Valentines day visiting with my step-dad. xoxox Jana


oh my lots going on with your family.
I am sorry to hear about your Grams and you can tell from the pics she was spunky and amazing.

You made it down to SD recently? did you stop in LA? Sorry we missed you.

AND what is this about China? When are you going? With Norman for a homeland tour or what?? Sounds exciting and can't wait to read all about it!

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