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January 08, 2008



Donna, where is the skating rink? I think I need to bring Ryleigh up, she's dying to go!


Gosh that looks like fun! Happy New Year!


I don't think our Maddy could do it. She is still a little wobbly in tennis shoes from weak muscle strength in her legs. (at least that is what we think it is).
Those little skates (and skaters) are adorable though! What fun!

Michele (VAMom2Be)

They are adorable and at the perfect age to learn to skate! My Mom is Canadian and she had all of my siblings and I on skates by age 3!! I'm sure they'll love it more and more as time goes by! What a fun way to spend the day!!


Did you join them on the ice??? (And, if so, can I pay you to take my kids with ya next time? LOL!)


That is so cute! They're hanging on to that railing for dear life!! I can't believe how much Gwen's hair has grown!! They are just so adorable! :)


Oh my how adorable! I love the hanging on the wall photos too! that would be me for sure! Gwen's hair is so long! And beautiful. They look like such little girls, not toddlers, anymore for sure. Such personlity that shines through in both of them.

Be blessed!


Jeff's Place

What beautiful little girls your daughters have grown to be.

We did that last year with Suzanne & Sydney, but no pictures to prove it!!

Scott Ocheltree

Great photos!
I was going to blog about our recent outing to the skate rink. My company had a little party for everyone there, and Ben (our 17 yr old) works there. Kai was very excited about going, though he completely freaked out over the experience last year. Shen didn't have any idea what we were talking about. When we got there we got skates on both of them, but Kai freaked again and had a total tantrum when we tried to get him on the ice. Shen went right out and did well with a hand to hold or using one of the little walker-like training frames. He thought falling down was funny, and got the hang of the ice quite quickly.


Oh my goodness, I didn't see this! How cute!!

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