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December 31, 2007



Maddy's room is lovely! Maybe when they are a bit older they will want to share a room again. Congrats on them both being in toddler beds. Rachel is flat refusing to give up her "Rachel Bed" (crib). She is also refusing to give up her diapers... I told Greg today that her roommate in college is going to have to potty train her!


I LOVE Maddy's new room. So interesting that she wanted her "own" room. I grew up with three sisters. Let me tell you.. there were no secrets in the dark here!.. LOL There was however a LOT of screaming about who was wearing someone elses clothes.. LOL.
Hope you all have a very wonderful New Year!


Donna: It looks great! My dining room and office are that wall color and I love it! We are getting ready to put Cat in a big girl bed too! Kind of bittersweet. You are so very gifted in all the things you do for the kids!

I'm envious!



Maddy's room is beautiful and I'm sure she'll continue to love it for a long time. I'm sure, as she gets older, she'll also appreciate the sensitivity towards her needs too. :-)

Kat and Colin

I'm sorry it hasn't worked out the way you hoped but her new room is beautiful and so are both of the girls, shared room or not!

Kat, Colin, Sophia and Keenan


Very pretty!


The room looks great. I think you missed your calling as a designer on one of those "design on a dime" shows:)
Happy New Year!


Oh Donna........Maddy's room is awesome!
I bet she just loves it. You did a great job!

Jill :)


You're just a regular Martha Stewart preprison!
Lovely room. Our girls sleep in an empty room (they trash everything) on a lumpy futon on the floor. Don't tell em how the Jones' are living okay!


That room turned out great. I am very partial to kitties. I own two very lazy and loved cats.

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