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December 11, 2007


to sing and to dance

When you find out the secrets, Donna, be sure to tell me too! Cady has so many cute poses, and by the time the camera snaps, all we have is a blur of hair.
Love the feet shot.


I just have one word to say--WOW.


Great pictures! You are ahead of me. I haven't even tried to do Christmas pictures/cards yet. I need to get a move on though. And I agree, if you get some to feese up to the secrets... let me know too.


I just got sick yesterday so I am going to be way behind with my Christmas cards. This year we decided also for only Emma to be on the card. Hope we can send them out by this Saturday. All the photos are nice and I really like the PJs one on the top.


How CUTE are those girls?? But girlfriend, you are way pickier than anyone else would be. I think a lot of those "rejects" are just fine -- the first one with the babes in their jammies is precious! :-)

Happy holidays to all of you...


the pictures are wonderful, such a beautiful family you have!! I'm way behind too on getting cards or anything done. We're getting ready for my Christmas office party on Saturday, which is taking up all my time! Give your family my love and i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! Love you, Jana


Great choice. We took two pictures of our five and went with one of them! I just didn't want to worry about it anymore!


Beautiful, just beautiful! Love their dresses! What camera do you use? I only wish I had 1/10 of your talent and gift for capturing these memories. The girls will be so grateful for it one day!

Kat and Colin

I love the card! It's also great seeing the rest of the photos. Nice to see some photos of you and Andrew too!

As I look out my window, I see the snow falling. Now that Colin is home for a few weeks (he delayed his family leave for the holidays), I say let it snow, let it snow!

Still, I wouldn't mind feeling temperatures above 30. I'm not jealous or anything :)

Happy early Christmas!
Kat, Colin, Sophia and Keenan


Beautiful photo!!! You have some great ones there. I especially like the pajama photos. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to photo shop stuff once we have 2 kids! Although we could have used it this year too. :)


Basking in the glory of double happiness. I'm in I'm in!!!! Please don't check your web counter for me, as I'm going to be here a while. I have a lot to read. I can't believe what has happened to Maddy and Gwen! They grew up! They are so lovely. And I love the photoshop morph. All things enhanced are good ;)
I love the shot of you and huz kissing. So few people show the love. It evoked an 'ahhhh'.


These are gorgeous! You did an amazing job Donna. And the girls look so incredibly cute!

Happy holidays to you all.


Oh, I love it! It's just beautiful- and well worth all the time, frustration and hard work! I love all the others too- especially the family photo in the middle!

Merry Christmas!!! I can't wait to see you all at Easter time!

Love, Shana :)

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