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November 09, 2007



Great photos, Donna!!!


Hey those turned out really well!! What the heck? Who were these photographic geniuses? The photo studio I go to (despite having hordes of people trying) can NEVER get my girls to both smile and look at the same time.


Wow! Those are some great shots!


The photos turned out great! Last time I took Rachel it was awful. The photographer didn't even try to engage her... very frustrating. I like how they aren't dressed up... they just look like Gwen and Maddy and they look adorable!


I agree that it's cuter when they aren't dressed up and are just themselves. Those are some good photos! That new photographer is getting some good advertising from you!


I tend to dislike "professional studio photography". And I'll have to admit that we never had such pictures taken of the girls. Oops.

We do have professional pictures of them, but they were taken at school (or at a playground, by the same photographer that the school uses) and have never been in "special dress" with "brushed hair" or with (yikes) "props".


Oh - I guess I forgot to mention that I think the pictures are great! The Gwen and Maddy look SO CUTE!


They're so lovely! Almost as good as your own photos ;-)

(Did you notice that on Maddy's photo, you clipped "Nov 2005"?)



I'm laughing right now because I took my kids to that exact same studio (right next to Target!) a few weeks ago with their Halloween costumes. I had absolutely NO hope that my two year old would cooperate as he never, ever sits still for pictures. But, I ended up with the best photos ever. Why? Because he fell in love with that same car Maddy is on! It must be coated with magic "smile dust"!!


Love those smiles!! That first photo is really nice, they are both looking at the camera with a big smile!


Great pics!! I love the randomness of them :)


Those photos are awesome and I love the digital scrapbook you do! Man, I wish I could be that creative. :0)


OMG Those are adorable. Was this done at Picture People?

BTW, I think the natural, ruffled look is fabulous. In my house, these would be called holiday photos. :)


Love those pictures and the photographer did a great job getting them to smile.

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