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November 03, 2007


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I had a great laugh with this post. Funny how Gwenny chose to be the doctor and let Maddy do all the "hurting". (smart girl) :-)

To funny!


This is too funny! Gwen and Maddy have such great little personalities and imaginations!


That is not that bad. I had Emma watching Dora in the living room and I was watching Harry Potter in the kitchen while I was cleaning and didn't hear Emma come and she saw Dobby!! She started to kind of cry and say "no Dobby!" Dobby was trying to hit his head with the lamp, oh my! It wasn't that she got scared it was more because he was trying to hit himslef with the lamp and Harry was trying to stop him. She is not that good with people doing naughty things, not sure why.


too funny!


Oh my gosh, girls after my own heart! I was home sick last week and the thing that made me even happier than a day off from work was the realization that I got to stay home and watch "A Baby Story". Next, I'd like to see them re-enact my second favorite show, "10 Years Younger". LOL!


Oh Donna that is so funny! They are going to have the best memories. You do a wonderful job at recording them and scrapbooking them.


That's sweet. It's amazing how much they pick up on.


I'm sorry, but that's hysterical. LOL


LOL...that is sooo soooo funny!!!! These girls just do the cutest things...i loved their little dancing thing too without the money in the machine! I loved the Santa Cruz boardwalk the last time we went there, which was about 5 years ago.

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