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October 21, 2007


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Gwen is such a beauty (so is Maddy) the camera loves her. I keep thinking about your post that children that are adopted out are considered ugly. That is clearly a mistake or someone with very poor vision over seeing the situation.


Looks like you all had a great time tree climbing! The girls are gorgeous as always! The camera loves them for sure. And those smiles could light up a city! I'm glad you all had such a fun time in SC. Blessings to the whole gang!

Donna and Catherine

Jeff's Place

Absolutely adorable!!!

Lori Williamson

Wow! As usual, what lovely pictures and what lovely girls! I think your collages get more and more amazing every time. Maddy and Gwenny look fabulous. I cannot believe how much Maddy's hair is growing.



Oh Mom - you're much braver than I. :) I most certainly would break my neck.


Wow, Donna! Look at you in that tree! What a fun mom you are!

The girls are as gorgeous as ever- and your collages are the best!

Happy Halloween!
Love, Shana

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