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October 20, 2007



Donna- I love this layout! You are so talented!


Isn't that Uesugi place awesome!! One of Rose and Marie's little buddies had her bday party there. We were so surprised that is was so well done. Neat stuff!


Wow, love the digital scrapbooking. The photos are great.


Love that pumpkin patch! Emma went a little crazy with all BIG pumpkins there! She wasn't that happy with the hayride at first but she came around. I just went yesterday and she wore her costume!


ha ha.. I thought the pictures were supposed to be fuzzy.. (like on the non private blog)and I actually liked them because I thought you were trying something cool again.. LOL. As I read closer.. I see that the pictures are much clearer here and I have to say.. I like them MUCH better!!! :-)


OMG, Donna, I am just reading this post now and got the chills. I took my kids to this same farm on th 21st...and I lost my two year old for the longest 10 minutes of my life!! Long story short, the staff actually found him happily walking by himself in the Bumble Bee Maze. Just thinking about this place now makes me shudder...so, I'm glad to read about you and others who love it. *Maybe* we'll try again next year (with a leash!)


Don't you just love Pumpkin Patch? We just lost our favorite one a couple of years ago when Santiago College purchased the land and erected a building where the old rural patch was. Drat! Well I guess it was for education so I'll have to accept it.

Love the collage Donna!

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