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October 29, 2007



Cute!!! That made *me* happy. :-)




So CUTE!!!!!!!


That is so sweet! I love the "happy feet". I'm sure they will be totally excited tomorrow when there are real treats in their bags.

We took Maddy out this past weekend. I have some adorable photos and video but alas, I've had the flu for two days so I'm just now checking blogs. Hopefully, I'll have some stuff posted today.

Safe travels for your husband!


That is so adorable. :-) They were so into it! Are you still trying to keep them away from the candy this year, or are they going to be allowed to indulge just a little? ;-)


That was sooo darn cute! (Love the bags, too!)


How cute is that?! Rachel watched it with me and kept saying "one more time!" It looks like they are definitely ready to go trick or treating!


They are the cutest!!!


that is just the cutest video EVER!!! Tell the girls "happy halloween" for me and I hope you and the girls have a great time trick or treating...i miss those days :(
xoxox Jana


Too cute for words! They look so expectacularly happy!

Jeff's Place

Holy Cow!! or Penguin!!!

So Adorable!!
What I need to know is, did they come back or did they keep going to the next house???


Look at those smiles!!! Adorable!

Auntie Laura

Oh my gosh! They are the cutest things ever?

Love and miss all of you.

Auntie Laura


That was the CUTEST Halloween video I've ever seen! I just love to see video of your precious girls! That made my night, and what a great idea! I wish I had thought of that! You are so smart! :)

Happy Halloween Gwen & Maddy!
Love, Shana :)


I love it. Gwen and Maddy are by far the cutest little penguins I've ever seen. :)


seriously too too cute.
I haven't been able to get into your blog in forever (finally logged in on my hubby's mac).
i love all the updates.
Too funny- Happy Feet is T's fave movie too check her out when you get a chance- same costume!
Her 2 year bday was Happy themed too!
Kimber x

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