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September 05, 2007



Happy Anniversary, Gwen! It seems like only yesterday we were playing in the hallway of the Garden Hotel.
Love, Emilia:)


Happy Anniversary Donna. I remember when you came home with her. Seems like yesterday. Thank you for sharing your story with us, your wonderful family. Again, Happy Anniversary to you and your family. Gwenny grows more beautiful with each passing year.


Happy 2nd Gotcha Anniversary! In a few days we will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary!! Gwen just gets prettier by the day!

Can't wait to see you!

mama d

Oh, the hair. The Hair! At three, she's such a little lady ... and so beautiful. Happy two years.


Happy Anniversary!! Gwen is ALWAYS smiling...such a happy little girl and gets more beautiful with each new picture of her. What cuties they both are :)


Good grief - Was that picture taken just recently?? She's grown so much since I saw her a just few weeks ago!!

Slow it down, Gwenny!!! :)

Happy Anniversary everyone.


Mirjam Lambooij

Happy METCHA day!

Now please, tell me that's a wig. Please.


Ohhhh, what a happy day. Happy Anniversary. She is so precious!

Jeff's Place

She is getting SO BIG!!!
Happy Anniversary Gwen!!

The hair is incredible! Such a cuttie pie!

Happy Day Jaime & Eric too!!

Donna (Mimi)

Happy "Gotcha Day" Anniversary! Gwen is such an adorable little girl and I do love all of that long hair. I sometimes wonder if "our girls" will ever get that much :) At any rate, thanks for sharing such a special day.


Wow!!!!! Look at the difference! Beautiful then, and even more beautiful now- she just keeps blossoming!

Happy Birthday to YOU, Donna!!! I hope you are having a very special birthday with your wonderful family!

Love, Shana :)

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