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September 22, 2007



Gorgeous family!


I love #21. So pretty!


Sitting here in China cruzing the blogsites since I've been up since 4am with a sick child. :0(

Love those little flower girl dresses. The girls look so beautiful in them! Great family photo too.


The girls make wonderful flower girls--so beautiful.

Love the new slide shows too. I'm going to try it!

Jeff's Place

Those are such great shots!!

Your girls are so cute! I love the bun!!


Oh my God Donna, they are stunning. I am floored. They look like angels.


How precious and i love your family picture :)

Jill and Macie

beautiful wedding! great pics! gorgeous flower girls!

Jill :)


*sigh* Beautiful!


Awesome dresses, awesome pics! Looks like a fab time was had by all.


GORGEOUS photos!!! The girls look so pretty and angelic, and I must say Michael looked very handsome too! My favorite photo, though, is the one of the 5 of you- you all look just beautiful, and I love seeing you all together!

Shana :)


Very pretty.


Donna, I've not been able to comment on any blogs since we moved to China, and for a while I couldn't view any either until I discovered proxy servers. We are out of the country for a few days so I am taking the opportunity to let you know I'm still here and following the adventures of your Gwen and Maddy! Incidentally, my Madelyn has recently started to call herself Maddy... a surprise to me b/c we've never called her that! Anyway, I've missed communicating with you... now you can see my new email... I lost yours with the rest of my address book on our old computer in the States. Hope you will still consider stopping for dinner at our place in Shanghai if you pass through next year sometime! Love, Lynne P.S. The girls were LOVELY in their flower girl dresses!!

Stacy Lawson (Melissa & Bruce)

Great Photos of the wedding! Maddie and Gwen are resplendent. Looks like a wonderful wedding - a great start to a happy and long future together. Stacy

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