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August 01, 2007



These girls are getting cuter every day!! It's hard to imagine you've had Maddie a whole year already. They truly are the best of friends and you seem to capture all their precious moments so perfectly!

Lori Williamson

So glad to hear your girls are getting along better and communicating well. I just couldn't wait until Chloe could articulate her thoughts and ideas. I think it was just around her 3rd birthday as well.

While 3 has been a very challenging age for us as parents, it has also been a very rewarding age. At 4 (one year of English), Pearl can communicate, but she doesn't get into her thoughts or feelings. I really look forward to the time when she can better express her inner self.


mama d

Very, very cool. Lovin' the let's-pretend apple juice. It all gives me hope for our very near future.


So siblings really can play with each other?!?! Will you please drop my husband an email and let him know;) It's great they are getting along so well. Can't wait to see Gwen & Maddy play with Emilia and all the other kids at the reunion soon! Happy Anniversary, Maddy:)


How funny - Isn't 3 a remarkable age? It's like there's a switch on these little creatures that gets flipped and they're suddenly beyond toddlerdom.

Charlotte did exactly the same thing ...all in a matter of one week shortly after her 3rd birthday.


That is so amazing to me. Not having children prior to Sally, I have not witness the language burst until her. Sally will turn 3 in November but she is extremely chatty lately. I hope she gets along with the sibbling that is coming as much as Gweeny and Maddy do right now.

Elena Manubens

What exactly is Cantonese? I know Mandrin but is that a different dialect? My spelling is really bad

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