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August 11, 2007



Oh my! she looks so beautiful THEN and NOW! I can't wait for Emma's hair to be as long as Gwen's. Emma's hair was even shorter than Gwens and we had the same comments about her being a boy. You kind of think why can't they see their beautiful girlie face that we see?
I enjoy seeing Gwen because she has the same huggable body as Emma! Look at that beautiful face with that hairdo, very nice!

Donna M.

She is just exquisite! I love her hair. Catherine's is pretty long too. But she will have nothing, nada, to do with pony tails, bows, ribbons, bands or hats! I hope this changes soon as her hair is getting longer and would look so pretty! And Gwen looks so much like her referral photo! Those eyes just jump right out at ya!

Thanks for sharing! Cab't wait to see Maddy's!

mama d

When did Gwen grow into a beautiful little lady (from a stunning little girl)? The middle photo, with her big smile, is wonderful.


Donna, that hair is out of legend. So beautiful and thick. I love the 6 pony tails, they look very cool.


Holy cow.. I would have never known she had a shaved head just two years ago. I sure hope my Maddy's hair grows that quickly. And of course that she'll let me fix it everyday as well. My luck, I'll get a girl who'd rather NOT want ponytails or ribbons. he he.

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