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August 05, 2007



I just love pink and green for little girls. I hope Maddy's bedding stuff comes in the mail soon. With my luck, it'll probably come next week when I am out of town :-(

Jeff's Place

I know you know this, but you have two cutie pies on your hands!
Those smiles are excellent!

Elena Manubens

They have such big smiles!!! They could not get any cuter. Esther is about ready to nix naptime all together. She hardly ever sleeps. Emma needs the naps but will get up sometimes. As far as beds go, Esther ends up in my bed and Emma's is her converted crib. I hope the cuties are doing well.


Look at those smiles!!! I'm sure you can't stop giving them kisses, they are so beautiful!


Hi Donna,

The pictures are so beautiful! (All of them, I'm only commenting on this one). Thanks for putting them.

You are just lucky to have 3-year-olds who still take naps, because none of my boys ever wanted to do that anymore once they were about 2,5 years old.

I do remember, however, that bed time at night comes much sooner once the naps are skipped. My "big boys" would skip their nap but then tumble into sleep at around 7 pm (where they could stay up until 9, before).

I don't think that's something you'd desire (with Andrew coming home and reading to them), so perhaps you should try to keep the naps in as long as you can ;-)

Love, Sjoukje

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