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August 15, 2007


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My God how do you do this? You are so talented. I buy scrapbook stuff and I end up with pages that look like a 4 year old put it together with terrible glue. Absolutely beautiful.


I love love that first page! And I love love that new lens......LOL I can't wait to see more! You always do such a great job.

I got my first book I did from blurb this week it turned out really great. Blurb does really nice quality work. No more traditional scrapbooking for me! I'm donating all my stuff !!!

P.S. Sept 7 is confirmed!!!Macie is finally coming home!

Jill :)


I hear you on demanding! We have lots of that going on here too. Love the look on Gwen's face in the piggy-back photo.


Great pictures! I love the effect of the lens.


Love those scrapbook pages. Are you still getting all of this from Lumapix?? I still haven't purchased that program just yet as I want to wait until I have subject matter to put into it. :0)
Absolutely beautiful


I see I am not the only fan of the digital scrapbooking! I noticed on your public page that you get some of your elements free from the internet...can you share your sources??

P.S. Of course I realize that the #1 reason your pages are beautiful is because of your gorgeous subjects!

Heather G

So sweet, I love it--you do such beautiful work.


Beautiful as always!!!!

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