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July 30, 2007


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Gorgeous! They look beautiful. It will be hard to choose!

Michele (VAMom2Be)

I love the 'tea length' dresses on top too! They are just so lovely, your girls. BTW, when my oldest was 3 she too was a flower girl. She did great, as I'm sure Gwen & Maddy will. Secret was to get a seat in the front pew and knell down on the aisle. She saw me waiting for her and headed straight for me!


Those dresses are gorgeous! When Emilia is a flower girl at her grandparents' anniversary ceremony next June, I plan to bribe her with candy--I'm going to hide it in my bouquet. Maybe Gwen & Maddy will go for that? :)


Bottom. Definitely. Draws the attention more to the faces. CUTE.


Vicki Sue

I know someone who can alter them for you.

The girls look sweet. I think the top one is prettier.


oh my gosh- I think the bottom dress was the one both of my nieces wore in my wedding almost 6 years ago!
They look stunning.
i love all the updates and I especially love the sisterly love they are developing.
My sis and I are 11 mos apart and we LOVED sharing a room and they will too eventually I am sure.
They are both so dear.


They look like gorgeous dreamy fairies.


absolutely beautiful. They might just show up the bride (wink)

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