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July 30, 2007



I just love how your collages look like they just melt onto the blog page. Are you still using Lumapix? I've just started looking at some digital scrapbooking stuff. I haven't chosen a collage program yet though. I need to start practicing before my girl arrives for sure!


I love Lumapix! I use it all the time! :)



Hey we took the girls there for the first time on Sunday. We held our breath as we plopped them into the toddler rides and walked away, but they LOVED them. Rode all by themselves like they'd been doing it forever. (Sob, they're growing up so fast)

Damn, that collage is rockin! Beautiful.

Elena Manubens

I understand why you don't want it shared. I appreciate being able to read it myself. I hope you heard that we received our TA and are headed to China August 12th. I am thrilled. About your hide and seek cheaters, My sisters do it too. They cover their faces but open their fingers and thik we can't see them. Stinkers, aren't they : ) I hope your little ones are doing well.


I need to come visit you!!! Then you can take us to all the great places you go!



I wish I was that talented! Wow, gret collage and great pictures. They clearly had a blast. That Maddy with her hair cut is looking so much like my Sally lately. Both girls as usual, stunning.


Hi Donna,
Isn't it a fun place? Emma loves it!
I'm a little free on Friday if you want to go but I can only stay until 12noon.
Let me know,



I love these- they look so happy...


First of all, GORGEOUS collage! You are so good! Second, Sophie LOVES playing hide & seek- it's her very favorite thing to do (I just took video last night and am working on a post as well)! And yes, she cheats too! So cute though- aren't they?

It's so wonderful keeping up with your happy, beautiful girls! Hopefully sooner as well, but I think we are coming up for Easter- will you be around then?

Hugs, Shana :)

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